I Sure Wouldn't Call Them Heroes
by James Glaser
March 14, 2011
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Even though organized labor unions are calling them heroes, I could think of a lot of other words to describe the 14 Democratic State Senators from Wisconsin who left that state thinking they could stop a vote on collective bargaining.

The word foolish comes to mind, also silly, stupid, and ignorant would work well in describing the run-away politicians.

Those 14 Senators left, and now they have returned after the Republicans have passed into law the end of collective bargaining between unions and the State of Wisconsin. For some reason, the Democrats and the union protesters have somehow concluded that these Senators are heroes.

Here is the score. The Democrats lost, the unions lost, and the Republicans won. How that makes a bunch of Democrats, who tried the wrong tactic, heroes I will never know.

Those Democratic Senators could have stayed in Wisconsin and tried their best to debate the Republicans. The outcome might have been the same, but those Democrats would have gotten their two cents worth on the record, they would have been heard on every left and right leaning television show, and who knows, they just might have been able to sway one or two Republicans to vote with them. Then they would have been heroes.

They didn't do that. So you know what, they are really just losers, who didn't even try to win.

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