It Is the Democratic Party's Fault
by James Glaser
April 7, 2011
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I heard President Obama talking about the impasse with the budget. Now you might think this is next year's budget, but you would be wrong. This whole mess going on in Washington is about a budget that was supposed to be passed 6 months ago. Even if they pass it tomorrow, it will only be in effect for six months. As soon as Congress passes it, and the President signs it into law, they are going to have to start all over again on next year's budget, and hope this coming year they get it done on time.

Here is why I believe that this whole mess is the fault of the Democrats. Yesterday, as I was listening to President Obama, this line got me thinking. He said this budget should have been done over six months ago. Well six months ago the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House. They could have done what ever they wanted.

Maybe you remember this. The Democrats wanted to wait until after the election before voting on their budget. It seems that they thought that vote might hurt their election chances. Now they are paying for that decision, because now the Republicans control the House.

Think about this, too. When George Bush was President he did what ever he wanted, and he did what ever he wanted even when the Democrats controlled the House.

It all boils down to this. The Democrats don't have the guts nor the knowledge needed to run the country.

Yes, I know the Republicans are going to lead us to ruin, but the Democrats had their shot at running America, and they blew it. Now six months after a budget was supposed to be decided on, the Democrats are telling us it is those nasty Republicans who have stopped them from passing a budget.

If that is true, then the Democrats should get out of the way, because they have proven that not only do they not know how to govern, but neither do they know when or how to pass a budget.

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