We Killed His Grandchildren
by James Glaser
May 2, 2011
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It was reported that NATO bombed Maummar Gaddafi's home in Libya, killing his son and three of his grandchildren. In the reports I read this weekend, NATO claims they bombed the house, but did not kill the grandchildren. Does that even make any sense to you? They bombed the house, but somehow they know who they killed inside.

I remember President Obama telling us that this would be a "limited" engagement. That we were only going to secure a no-fly zone in Libya to protect innocent civilians. All President Obama is really telling us when he makes a statement like that is that he has not a clue of what war really is.

A few months ago President Obama told the nation that the combat phase of the Iraq War was over. This month 11 American troops were killed in Iraq, the most in one month since 2009. Obama does not understand that keeping our troops in a war zone means that some of them are going to be killed. We have no idea of how many American troops were wounded. Under this Commander-in-Chief, the number of troops wounded is kept secret for months.

In Afghanistan, 45 Americans were killed in the first 28 days of April. In one shooting, a Lieutenant Colonel, four Majors, two Captains, and a Sergeant Major were all killed. How did the Pentagon report it? They said eight NATO soldiers were killed. This shooting, by an Afghan Army officer, was the most high ranking officers killed at one time in the ten years of this war, and they were shot by a high ranking officer in the Afghan Army were are trying to help. The guy was supposed to be on our side.

No major news outlet covered this mass killing of American officers. President Obama has let the media know if they cover things he doesn't want them to, they will no longer get access. Here's an example of that.

So, here we are in our tenth year of the Bush/Obama War on Terrorism, and we continue to kill innocent civilians. Sure Maummar Gaddafi is a bad man, heck most of the leaders of countries in the world today are bad men and women. Power attracts that type, and Barack Obama is showing the world that it is no different in the United States.

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