So, Does Revenge Feel Good?
by James Glaser
May 3, 2011
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I don't know if after ten years you can really call the killing of Osama bin Laden revenge. I remember back in 2003, when George Bush was claiming "Mission Accomplished," but still we didn't bring the troops home.

If it were revenge we were after, it surely was costly. 49,509 American troops killed or wounded. Tens of thousands suffering with traumatic brain injuries, and over 150,000 suffering with life long PTSD. Plus thousands more who were injured in non-combat accidents. All to get revenge for the 9/11 attacks we think Osama bin Ladin was responsible for. We never had a trial, and I guess Washington didn't want one. All they wanted was somebody to focus our war effort on.

I have heard the phrase "Sweet Revenge" a number of times today. With the blood and treasure this revenge cost us, I don't think anyone is feeling any sweetness or even feeling good when they stop and think of these costs.

Oh, wait. There is one group who probably feels pretty good about now. Those would be the Americans who get rich off our wars.

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