Land of the Free?
by James Glaser
May 27, 2011
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Who would ever have thought that an American government agency could not only grope you, and touch your genitals, but also could force you to allow them to do the same to your young children? Well, Home Land Security agents do that every day at our airports. We are now teaching our children that people in uniforms can touch them any place, and that it is OK.

Who would have ever thought that the President of the United States could order law enforcement to kill you? Well that is what President Obama thinks he has a right to do, and Congress says nothing about it.

Who would ever think that the President of the United States could order our military to bomb any country he thinks needs bombing? Well President Bush and President Obama decided that they had that power, and President Obama has used it in Yemen, Pakistan, and now Libya. Again, Congress sits there and says nothing.

Washington can search your home without a warrant. They can listen in on your phone conversations, and they can put you in jail for as long as they want without ever pressing charges. Let's face it, when they believe they have the right to kill you, they can do anything they want.

So are we still the Land of the Free, or were we the Land of the Free? What kind of a country are we leaving to our future generations? Will they remember fondly how things were when they were kids like we do, or will they live in a dictatorship and spend their time thinking how they can fight to be free the way our founding fathers did?

Freedom is slipping away from us, and our current batch of politicians will do nothing to stop it.

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