Pointing Fingers
by James Glaser
June 30, 2011
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Yesterday, President Obama was getting down on the Congress because Congress has been getting down on him. It seemed kind of lame to me that the President used his young daughters and how they did their homework as an example of how Congress should work. He was complaining that they wait till the last minute to turn in a budget.

What President Obama forgets is that it was his party that wouldn't turn in a budget until after the election, and then when they were creamed in that election, they couldn't get it together in the lame duck session before the new Republicans were sworn in.

Now, I'll agree with the President that the Congress is not getting anything done, but Barack Obama is the President, and he is supposed to lead, and leaders don't slam the team to get out in front. They bring the team along with them, maybe even give a helping hand when it is needed.

The whole argument going on is about raising the debt ceiling. President Obama wants to spend more money and put us further in debt, whereas the Republicans want to cut spending and cut the debt.

Yes, we all know the Republicans are the ones who got us so far in debt in the first place, but they admit that, and that bugs the heck out of the President, because he knows that he has been spending money we don't have at a historical record pace.

Obama claims the Republicans only want to protect the rich, and that might be true, but it was President Obama who signed into law the extension of the tax cut for the rich that George Bush got passed. Now every time Obama brings that up, the Republicans can ask, "Why didn't you veto it if you thought is was bad?" And you know they have a point there.

So, we have the President and the Democrats pointing their fingers at the Republicans, and we have the Republicans pointing their fingers right back at the Democrats. Meanwhile, nothing gets down. We don't have any leader in either party that can bring both sides together to solve America's problems, and that is a problem.

There is a deadline coming up, and that is August 2nd. That is the date that somebody decided that the Congress and the President have to come together and pass a bill to raise our debt ceiling so that Barack Obama can spend more money. The Republicans are saying they are not going to do that unless the President agrees to huge cuts in spending.

Now, does any of this make any sense? Obama wants more money to spend, and the Republicans say they will give him that money if he will stop spending so much money.

I think we are screwed.

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