Well, That Addiction Still Has Us
by James Glaser
August 2, 2011
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That's right, The House passed the new Debt Ceiling Bill last night. That shows we are still addicted, and we are going to keep right on spending money we don't have. It really does not matter to either political party in Washington if we continue to run up our debt. Why? Because Washington is addicted to spending, and even though we don't have enough money to live and spend in the style our politicians want to, we'll either borrow or print the money we need to keep living high.

We as a country don't give a damn about the future of our children or their children. We are going to spend, and we don't care who gets stuck with the bill.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans feel any moral responsibility for our national debt. Most will tell you that debt is not a bad thing, and that by spending more, we will be able to get our country back on track.

Our nation and its leaders are addicted to spending, and they will, like any addict, do what ever it takes to get their fix. This time it is another increase in out debt ceiling, and somebody some place, will loan us what we need. Someday the loans will dry up, and we will have to print the money we need. Either way, we are headed to a awful end, and it is awful, because we are ruining the country we are passing on to our children.

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