What The Heck Is He Waiting For?
by James Glaser
September 1, 2011
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When President Obama took office, we were shedding 700,000 jobs a month. True, we are not losing anywhere close to that number today. In fact we might be picking up a few thousand a month now, but we are millions of jobs away from getting back to full employment.

It all depends on whom you ask, but nobody disputes the fact that millions and millions of American workers are unemployed, and millions more are underemployed.

So, President Obama came into office knowing that he would have to do something to get people back to work. Now after 31 months of thinking, 31 months, almost three years of thinking, he claims he has an idea, but he won't tell us what it is just yet. "Wait for it!" "It's coming." We've waited three years, I guess we can wait a few more days.

Until today, I couldn't figure out why President Obama wouldn't tell the American people, and more importantly the American unemployed worker, what he had come up with to get people back to work.

Well, it seems that he was waiting for just the right day, and now he has it. President Obama is going to tell us his secret plan to put people back to work on the night of the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate that has been in the planning stage for months.

Now get this, Obama says he is going to tell Congress that he has found that American workers all across this country have been telling him to get politics out of the process of getting them back to work. Think about it—Obama is going to hold his talk at the same time as the long-planned Republican debate, yes, so he can tell them to cut things just like he is doing out. I guess he is teaching by example, bad example.

Listen, if President Obama really has some sort of idea after thinking about it for 31 months, what the heck is he waiting for? Come on Mr. President, tell us your plan right now. You know, and we know, that even if you came up with the best plan in the world and the Republicans decided it was so good they were going to help you get it implemented, there will be a huge lag time before the first American gets a new job.

Every day the President waits to start his jobs program means another day that millions of hard working Americans will be on food stamps, another day of their depression, another day that they are closer to losing their home, or their car or their dignity.

The creation of jobs for Americans is so important that we should not wait another day to start getting our country back to work.

President Obama, I'll ask one more time, what are you waiting for?

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