I Am Sick Of Words
by James Glaser
September 5, 2011
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Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, that is all we hear out of politician these days, and I am sick of it.

I really don't care what Sara Palin has to say, or Rick Perry, or any other Republican Presidential hopeful. The same is true for every other politician, and that includes President Obama.

This week Obama is going to give us a speech about what he thinks we should do to get people back to work. It is a funny thing about speeches, after they are finished, the person giving the speech can back track and say, "I didn't mean it like that."

Go back and listen to some of Candidate Obama's speeches. Then think about what he has done in office. Can you remember back when candidates used to issue a White Paper? Candidates would actually put down on a sheet of paper, that was loaded with facts and figures, what they thought we should do as a country. That left them very little wiggle room.

So, this week we will hear President Obama give us his "Jobs" pitch. It doesn't mean that anything he says will be done, and you know there will be no facts and figures we can put a calculator to and see what we think.

His speech will be just like every other speech, just words—words that are open to interpretation. No facts, no figures, just the spoken word that politicians are so good at giving. As they say, "Talk is Cheap."

What America and the millions and millions of Americans without a job need is action. The days of President Obama's words bringing hope are long gone. Sad to say, hope is in short supply in America today, and no matter how wonderful Barack Obama's words sound, after his speech is over, his wonderful words will be gone, too.

Americans are sick of words and speeches. After over three years of job losses, the American public is more than ready for some action. Millions are desperate. They know that after the speech is over, the media will pick the President's words apart, and then the Republican and the Democratic faithful will bicker back and forth, and nothing will be done.

It is all so sad. We are all sick of words, and it looks like words are the only thing our politicians are able to give us.

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