Our Revenge For 9/11 Has Been Expensive
by James Glaser
September 12, 2011
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We probably will never know just how many people were killed in the terrorist attack on 9/11 because so many are still dying from their medical problems caused by the search and rescue and the clean-up operations after the attack.

However, we do know that because of 9/11, the United States went to war with both Iraq and Afghanistan. The truth, as strange as it may be, is that we went to war with those two countries even though no one from Iraq or Afghanistan participated in the 9/11 attack.

So far, in these two wars, 6,226 American troops have been killed, and 46,154 American troops have been wounded. On top of those numbers are the hundreds of thousands of troops who are suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries. I specify those because neither of those life-long injuries qualify as being wounded by the Pentagon.

As both wars are ongoing, and troops are still dying in both, we do not know what the total cost our revenge will be at this time, but it is already too high.

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