It's Nice Because It's Not Just Me Anymore
by James Glaser
October 6, 2011
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It's not like I thought I was the first person to figure it out, but for a while there I wasn't so sure. Now I know people are waking up to the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama is not who they thought he was when they voted for him.

I can't tell you how many Democrats told me if I voted for Obama he would bring the troops home right away. I wasn't going to buy that line about any Democrat or Republican either. The Defense Industry was a big part of both Obama's and McCain's campaign funding.

Other people told me what a wonderful communicator Barack Obama was. I never thought the guy could speak well. He has a halting delivery that drives me nuts, but now I realize that he is constantly trying to see where he is at on the teleprompter he uses any time he talks to an audience, big or small.

Now other people are voicing the same thoughts about Obama that I have been thinking. There is no doubt in anyone but the most ardent Obama-lover that our President is a War Monger. First off, he didn't bring the troops home. I could stop there. Second, he kept George Bush's wars. Third, he added three wars of his own in Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. No doubt there are others that we don't know about, too.

Have any of you seen the video about Obama's Campaign lies? You Tube it. It is a good reminder of what Obama said he was going to do... and hasn't done.

Do you remember how Obama was going to close our prison in Guantanmo Bay, Cuba? That was a big part of his Campaign speeches. Well, it is still open, and now Washington admits that many of the prisoners never did anything wrong. Also, it has been stated that we will be holding some prisoners forever. Forever, with no charges, no trial, no judge. Remember how Barack Obama touted the fact that he was a Constitutional Law Professor at some law school? Obviously not a very good one.

Get this. President Obama claims he has the right to execute (kill) any American citizen he deems needs killing, and to top that off, he has already had the CIA kill for him. Like those prisoners in Cuba, the man killed had no criminal charges filed on him. No judge gave an opinion, and there was never any sort of court proceeding. Just Barack Obama's deciding that this man needed killing. Scary.

Are you thinking Dictator? Well I am.

How about this. The Obama administration decided they would let Mexican drug cartels buy thousands of guns from gun shops in Arizona. They had this hokey title for the program—they called it "Fast and Furious." Well it became fast and furious when those Mexicans used those guns to shoot down and kill U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

When a Congressional Investigation asked Attorney General Eric Holder what he knew about it, he said that he only found out about Fast and Furious a couple of weeks before the hearing. Now we find he was being briefed constantly of the program ten months before. Holder, and attorney, in fact, an Attorney General, now says he didn't understand the question.

Here is the kicker. There were honest gun dealers telling the government that they didn't feel good about selling these guns, and our government told them to sell them. Really, it was our government, Barack Obama's White House, that killed Brian Terry, and he wasn't the only person killed with these weapons. Scores of Mexicans were killed with them, too, And you know what, those criminal drug cartels still have almost all of those weapons.

That is the kind of leadership we are getting with President Obama. Would it have been better if we had elected McCain? I doubt it.

I'll tell you though. More and more Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are waking up to the fact that we elected a pretty bad president in the last election, and I haven't even talked about Obama's dismal handling of our economy.

Americans are waking up to the fact that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have the answers to our nation's problems. Young people and older people are starting to take to the streets. Yes, I know you don't hear much about it, but then our government in this "Land of the Free" controls what the media lets us hear about.

I wish I had the answer to our problems, but I'm just happy that I am no longer alone thinking what our problem is. For sure we need new leadership, but I don't see it coming. Even though I like most of what Ron Paul stands for, "They" will never let him get a real shot at being elected.

Really, it all boils down to money and power. You look at who has the money and who has the power in America today, and you have found out what is wrong with America, Sure is nice that others are seeing that same thing.

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