Maybe You Should Think About This...
Ron Paul Does Not Exist

by James Glaser
October 20, 2011
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I didn't watch the debates last night. Actually, I was too tired and wanted to get an early start today. I have to think that the media and the candidates are all pretty much night owls. Even after the debate, the media has to tell us what to think, and who the winner was, at least in their distorted opinion.

Then after all of that is over, the candidates are still up giving interviews to whomever will have them. This campaign must be for the benefit of the non-working and retired Americans, because if you have to get up and go to work, you can't possibly stay up to watch what the media is producing and expect to be ready for work the next day.

Why don't they have Sunday afternoon debates? Oh I remember, the media has all of that ad time sold to sports programming. Debates can be put on at weird times when they are only bumping second rate shows or reruns. That way, which ever channel produces that particular debate can get a big payday during a slow time spot. How very democratic of them to pass around that debate show so everybody gets to make something off of them.

I wasn't really planning to write about all of this. What I wanted to write about was how the media has decided for some reason to pretend that Doctor Ron Paul does not exist. I know from Dr Paul's web page that he was at the debate, but he got no media coverage that I could find. Here is a good example. Ron Paul, on CNN's own poll, won the debate with 78% of the vote, but CNN threw out their own poll and used a poll that allowed only 54 Republican insiders to vote, and they now claim Ron Paul got 0% of the votes. They threw out their own poll because people didn't vote the way they wanted them to. Do you think that ever happens in real elections? I do.

Somebody that watched the debate wrote to me saying that for 40 minutes during the debate, Ron Paul was not asked one question, and was not allowed to give a closing statement. We have to start admitting that we now live in a fascist country, and the media is part of the establishment that controls things.

So OK, I know from my Facebook page that liberals do not like Representative Paul, and I know from FOX News that even though he is a Republican who wants smaller government and wants to pay down our debt, the media conservatives don't like him either. You see, Ron Paul wants to bring our troops home and end our wars. Now how radical is that? I guess Doctor Paul is not into killing brown people on the other side of the world. Talk about un-American, huh?

So, if the Left doesn't like Ron Paul, and the Right doesn't either, I guess that is a good reason to believe that Ron Paul is the best man to be President of the United States.

We all lived through the Republicans and George Bush screwing up our country, and now we have watched these past three years as the Democrats and Barack Obama have kept right on doing what Bush started. They even kept his wars and added to them, and they kept his tax cuts for the rich even though they claim those tax cuts are hurting our country. The Democrats kept the Patriot Act, they continue to torture people, and now President Obama claims the right to kill any American he deems needs killing. And get this, Obama has had an American citizen killed along with a bunch of teenage kids.

Yeah, so if you don't like constant war, and you don't like Washington being the judge and jury before they kill some of us, and you don't like your phone tapped or your house searched without a warrant, and if you don't think we should be the Merchants of Death with our world leading arms sales to third world countries, then just maybe you should not vote for the candidate that our national media is picking out for us. In fact, maybe you should think about voting for the only candidate that the media is afraid of.

That would be Doctor Ron Paul, MD. Ron Paul would end our wars, and he would stop our practice of torture, and he would work on doing some very radical things. Like for a start, he would find out if we really had any gold at Fort Knox, which nobody has seen since 1957. He would find out just how many trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve has printed, and what they did with those trillions of dollars.

He would also end the Patriot Act and cut the size of our government. Wait a minute, I think Dr. Paul had published a list.

Here are some highlights of Paul's plan:

  • Cuts $902 billion in spending during the first year of a Paul presidency compared to current spending levels, or $981 billion compared to President Obama's budget request

  • Eliminates five federal departments: Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education

  • Lowers the corporate tax rate to 15 percent

  • Makes a 10 percent reduction in the federal workforce

  • Eliminates all U.S. foreign aid

  • Allows younger citizens to opt out of Social Security

  • Converts the federal Medicaid program into block-grants distributed to states

  • Over its first four years, Paul's plan would cut over $4.1 trillion in spending while bringing in $2.9 trillion less revenue, reducing the projected deficit by $783 billion according to the Paul campaign's own comparison to the Congressional Budget Office's baseline projections of current spending levels

Well, you can see right off the bat that Paul would be cutting into the $billions of dollars we send to Israel, so that takes him out of the Republican and Democratic way of throwing our money around.

Can you imagine what would happen if Paul closed down the Department of Education? We would have to go back to the old way of local control. Remember, that was when our education system was the envy of the world.

Think about this, if we didn't have the Department of Energy, who would produce our next generation of nuclear weapons? We all know what a bang-up job they have done on moving us off our dependence on oil, right?

So, we have this Presidential candidate named Ron Paul. He has bucked the system in Congress for 30 years. He will not get a Congressional retirement, by choice. He votes against every tax increase and against every war. He is the only veteran running for President, and he has received more campaign donations from our active duty military than all the rest of the candidates combined.

The media has decided that they will do everything they can to take Ron Paul out of this election campaign, and so they pretend that he does not exist. The only problem is that we have an internet and you tube. Paul is getting millions of dollars in donations from all around the country, and he will be able to campaign in every primary.

The only thing he needs is people looking at his record and what he wants to do as President. I think if you give him a look see, you will conclude that he could be the man that could save our country.

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