They Will Hit the Streets For the Economy,
But Care Nothing About Our Wars

by James Glaser
November 7, 2011
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We might as well admit it, we have no antiwar protest in this country.

First off, we have an all volunteer military. So people figure those who are killed and maimed knew that could happen, and besides, after their fifth or sixth deployment, they knew it was bound to happen. The hundreds of thousands who we kill or maim in Iraq and Afghanistan are on the other side of the world, and heck they are Muslims and brown, so who cares about them?

However, Washington did finally get the attention of our young people. We stopped having jobs for them when they graduated from college. You know, if everybody had a job, nobody would be saying anything about those 1% at the top. They would all be trying to join them up there.

Let's admit it. We are a greedy bunch. Washington passes the Patriot Act, and nobody protests. They practically strip search old ladies and kids if they want to get on an airplane, but that's OK with the American people. They change the way they figure inflation, the young's parents or grandparents don't get a raise on their Social Security, but even that is OK. Gas prices skyrocket, food prices climb, oil slicks cover the Gulf, and millions lose their homes, but nobody takes to the streets.

What does it take? No pay check. Actually no pay check for three years, and no jobs for college graduates. And even after all of that, only a few thousand hit the streets. Did you know Alabama played LSU Saturday night to see who is #1 in the football polls? I thought you did. That ought to calm everyone down.

So, Washington knows now that they can impose any restriction or abuse of personal liberties they want on the American people as long as they can give them a job, but neither political party is about to do that.

The Republicans know if people get jobs, Barack Obama will be reelected. The Democrats are so addicted to spending that they cannot put together a jobs bill without adding in huge tax increases, and they know the Republicans will not vote for a tax increase. Also, if the Democrats can make the Republicans look bad, they can get Obama elected for a second term.

Either way, we are in a gridlock in Washington, and we have a few thousand mostly young people hitting the streets in protest. That keeps those young people's minds off all the abuses that Washington is heaping on them and the world.

So, Washington is happy. The banks and the corporations are happy. Even the football fans are happy. The Military gets to keep going to war, and the incumbents have a 95% chance of staying in power.

Besides that, those kids in the streets make for something to report on during the evening news.

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