Retired People Seem Happier
by James Glaser
November 10, 2011
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I have been noticing that retired people seem a lot happier than those still working. It is almost like they are thinking, "I'm glad I got out before everything hit the fan." Now that I think about it, I guess they are right.

It is hard to go to work every day knowing that your take home pay doesn't buy what it did last year. It is also hard going to work every day not knowing if this is your last day or not.

Everyone knows somebody that has lost their job or maybe their business. Every company in America is looking for ways to cut costs, and every time they can cut one more worker, it makes a big difference to their bottom line at the end of the year.

Workers, who are worried that they might be next, strive harder to be needed. Consequently, productivity per worker keeps going up. Many workers don't want to ask for any time off because they are afraid the company will see that things still get done without them being there.

So, those who have retired, even though their dollars don't buy what they did last year either, can sit back and enjoy the fact that they got out in time. Those still working are putting off thoughts of retirement, and the chances of happier days ahead seem distant.

Personally, I'm feeling better, and for good reason. President Obama took his new tax off of Christmas Trees. Now there's some hope and a bit of change for you!

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