I Believe The Right Wing Media Is Afraid
by James Glaser
November 14, 2011
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Ok, I'll admit it. I watched Fox News Sunday to get some sort of understanding of how the "right" looked at Saturday night's Republican Debate. I learned nothing about the debate.

However, I did get to listen to what Brit Hume and Bill Kristol thought of the Occupy Wall Street or the 99% movement. As far as they are concerned, the movement is a bunch of Marxists or communists, and that their protests are un-American, and can only hurt any politician who sides with these young people.

It is pretty plain to see that these two guys are members in good standing of the 1% that the other 99% of Americans are upset with, and both of them feel threatened. At least I hope they do.

The main thing that all right wing pundits find upsetting is that the people protesting all over the United States don't have that one thing they want. They don't want to just stop the war or like the Tea Party, want smaller government and to pay down the national debt.

The truth is, many of the people protesting don't know what they want, but they all know that something is wrong with the direction our country is going, and they want to get back to the United States they know their parents lived in, and they hoped that they would live in.

Young people in this protest don't have a leader or a manifesto to guide them. They do however have youth and idealism on their side, and I think history tells us that in the end that combination will win out. I sure hope so, because even people my age know we as a country are in trouble, and the direction Washington, the Big Banks, the International Corporations, and yes, Wall Street are taking us is the wrong one.

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