Is the Republican Campaign a Cover-up?
by James Glaser
December 9, 2011
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So, how many debates do you think the Republicans are going to have? A dozen? More? I bet more.

Man, I had no idea. According to Election Central 2012, there will be 29 Republican primary debates. Twenty nine? Can you remember ever having that many debates? Me neither.

Why so many debates. Well, first off somebody is making money off the advertisements shown during the debates. You know there is money behind almost every political idea in America.

I think the real reason we are having all of these debates is to keep the American public from wondering what the heck the Republicans and the Democrats are doing in Washington. The fact is, neither political party is doing much. So, they have these debates going as a cover.

In every debate the Republican candidates say this and that. Then during the following week, President Obama and his people make contrasting comments about what ever was said. Of course nothing of substance is going on in Washington. The Republicans are blocking anything that will raise taxes or help the middle class. The Democrats know this, so they add a tax increase to any idea they come up with so they can blame the Republicans for stopping their great idea.

The Republicans can not come up with any idea that doesn't involve cutting some other program, most likely a program that helps the poor or middle class. While all the Democrats can think about is spending more money and raising taxes.

That is why I think they came up with this campaign blitz. Give the people something to think about. Wonder what Rick Perry will flub this week. Think about what outrageous thing Michael will say. See what an incredible smile Mitt has. Just how far right can Rick go? Watch Newt get down on the media, and see what John takes credit for this week. And let's not forget Ron Paul. Don't let him talk, and his supporters will hammer away on that for another week.

Then Barack Obama will spend the rest of the week hitting the campaign trail telling America why nothing gets done.

These Republican debates are the best thing that Washington has come up with in a long time to cover their incompetence. I guess we should be thankful, because if they weren't using a debate for a cover, we would probably be looking at another war.

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