Standing In the Middle and Looking Both Ways
by James Glaser
October 11, 2013
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It's hard being a political Independent, because no matter if you look right or left all you see nowadays are goofballs. Do you realize we pay those politicians in Congress over $174,000 a expenses and perks? You will notice I didn't say they were senators or representatives because those holding office today demean those titles.

Another thing that just galls me is that those elected will be called Senator Whatever or Congressman Such and Such for the rest of their lives, even if they do a crappy job, and many of them do just that.

So, here I sit and watch as the Republicans try and stop a Law (Obamacare) which has been a law for a few years now, by threatening to not pay the bills they have helped rack up. Meanwhile the Democrats are trying to spend even more money and tax Americans at higher and higher rates. Then on top of that we have a Democratic President who constantly complains about how Republicans passed all the spending bills while forgetting that the President has to sign each and every one of them into law before the first dollar can be spent. I can't remember the Veto Pen being used—can you?

"Dysfunctional Government" is a phrase used more and more to describe our government. We have divided government, but in the past Presidents like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and even George Bush have been able to exhibit the leadership that is needed to get things done with a government where the Senate is run by one political party and the House another.

Somehow President Obama thinks that making the American people suffer will force the "other side" to fall in line with his way of thinking while leaving theirs for another time. He talks about the Republicans holding a gun to his head, so ironically, he aims his weapons at the American public by making the government shut down just as hard as it can be on everybody...except the politicians.

So, here I stand looking both ways and seeing nothing good. That sight makes me believe that if the Democrats cannot work with Republicans, and the reverse is true about Republicans, it is time for a Third Way. We need somebody with a little clarity to stand up and give us a new way of doing things, because the old way surely is not working now and future projections do not look good.

It is nice being an Independent voter as it saves a lot of embarrassment. However, I do need a third party to vote for, and I will be looking hard for one next election. I do know for sure I won't be voting Democrat or Republican.

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