Friday’s Weekend Column
Blue Skies and Gray Skies

by James Glaser
October 29, 2004

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to do something when the sky is blue and the sun is out. It is almost like the sun is feeding energy to you. But when the sky is gray and there is that cold mist in the air it is hard to start anything.

Duck hunters are the only people I know that really like these cold rainy days of fall. I guess it keeps the ducks and geese around longer. It seems the birds don't like flying in the clouds.

Neighbors are more distant on these wet days, but when that sun comes out and you are finally doing something, they come around and want to drink coffee and talk. The sun does put a smile on your face.

Having this election almost over, puts a smile on my face. Up here there are few yard signs. Almost everybody knows if you are a Democrat or Republican and nobody is out there trying to change your mind. People don't talk politics much here as everybody is your friend and you don't want to ruin a good friendship.

We do have almost 100% voter turn out and if you don't turn up at the poll it is likely somebody will call and ask if you are sick or need help. About the only thing you hear about the national election is that they are all crooks.

Today was a dark gray day with that feeling of rain in the air. It wasn't cold enough for snow, but you just knew that we would get some moisture. I had people stop by and they were not their usual smiling selves. When it has been gray for a few days, people get serious. They don't want to be out and you know they only stopped because they had to.

I had a neighbor stop, as he needed a few boards cut on the table saw. There was not much chit chat, he just brought in the boards and we quick like cut them. I didn't even ask if he wanted coffee. He said something about this being a Honey Do list project and everybody knows those put you in a fouler mood. After a few gray days it isn't even fun to have coffee so I went back to work and he left

Usually I like people stopping to talk even if they need something cut, but when everyone is in a bad mood....... you have to remember that winter is coming on and everyone is filling their heating fuel tanks up. The price this year is starting out higher than the peak last year.

Here is how they usually do it. The fuel cost is pretty reasonable in the fall, but when old man winter hits and they know you need that heat, they jack that price up as high as they want. This year they are starting way high and who knows where it will end up?

All it takes to turn everything around is one nice blue sky day. Smiles come out and people have a better out look on life. Even people's posture gets better. None of that hunched over look.

On sunny days people start thinking about all their old friends who will be up for hunting season. Most people don't know this, but this time of year is about the best fishing and on a nice sunny fall day that lake looks mighty fine. You have to remember that you are going to be inside most of the winter, so when you get a nice fall day, you better use it.

If we get a sunny morning the cafe fills up and you can hear the good cheer. People talk about what they have planned for the day and many people offer help. There are few offers on a gray day.

Fall is actually a great time of year and I think I like it the best. We do always get these gray days and they are hard on people, but we also get enough sunny ones to make up for it. We know winter is coming and winters up here are filled with the sun. Winter days can be almost blinding bright with the sun hitting the snow. Most people know we need the moisture now and it is good for our yards and fields. It's just hard when you get a long string of those gray days.

Well I don't know about you, but I am ready for winter, but I would like fall to last a while longer. I have a long list of inside winter projects and I will even get some of that list crossed off. For now though, I need a few more weeks to finish up my outside stuff. That will never happen, finishing up everything is a dream. I can take a walk around the yard and my list gets longer, but it is nice to try.

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