Friday’s Weekend Column
Not Quite as Sick as a Dog

by James Glaser
December 16, 2006

Not quite as sick as a dog, but close. It started yesterday, and right away Wanda made home-made chicken noodle soup for me, which did in fact make me feel better. This morning I had to make a trip to the shop to meet someone about some work they ordered. I waited around there using the band saw to cut out some pieces for a bench I am making, and about noon the person who was supposed to come sent in their assistant to say they couldn't come until next week. That was just fine with me, as I was in no condition to talk about different woods and finishes. I just wanted to go to bed.

It took about two minutes to get the shop all locked up, and I headed for home. I was in bed a half hour later, after having a fruit smoothie and a half teaspoon of vitamin C crystals. I got back up at five, and now have body aches all over, my nose is running, and I have a bit of a cough. Why me, and why now?

Other than that, things have been going great. My daughter, Nikky and granddaughter Amelia came down from Minnesota for a visit, and we had a great time. I made fudge and Wanda made caramel corn, which we sent home with them. On Monday we drove down to St. Marks Lighthouse National Park. We got to see and hold a little crab on the shore and an alligator inland aways. We only saw the alligator, we didn't think we should hold it. It was sunning itself and looked to be about six feet long, years past the holding stage.

Tuesday and Wednesday I seemed to feel pretty beat, but them I thought that was from staying up so late with Nikky. Now I know it was the start of this cold or flu.

I had more chicken soup tonight, and that is about all I am hungry for. Maybe a few days of being sick will jump start a holiday weight loss program? Not much chance of that.

The people who are buying my house tell me everything looks to be a go, so I'll have to get up North in January and empty out the house. Just what I wanted to do, move out of Minnesota in the dead of winter.

I know I'll have to wait until the check clears the bank, but the Christmas tool catalogs let me have a good time. If I think about it, I don't really need any new tools. I could get by with what I have, but every time you buy a new tool it kind of gives you a spark and a new reason to do something new, and it is fun. I don't plan to go wild and replace everything, but I can rationalize the need for a few more things, and I always wanted one of those really pretty German maple work benches, with the bench dog holes and the shoulder vise. I have worked without one for thirty years, but it sure would be nice.

Tomorrow night Wanda and I have volunteered to work at the LaMoyne Art Foundation Christmas sale, so it is early to bed for me and pretty much a day of rest tomorrow. We are only going to work for three hours, and I think I should be able to make that.

I am ready for Christmas with all the shopping done, but I do need to send out about five pounds of fudge. Right now I don't think I could do all the stirring needed for a batch, so the fudge packets might be a bit late this year.

I think the Tylenol is wearing off, so I am going to take another dose, have a hot, hot bath, and go to bed.

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