Friday’s Weekend Column
About a Minnesota Man Exploring Life in the South

by James Glaser
August 9, 2008

No, I'm not talking about my vacation. I'm talking about Ken Holder, my webmaster's vacation. It seems like just last month he left on a trip to Texas, but as I think back it was actually about five years ago. I guess the man is about due for a couple of weeks off.

So, I'll be taking a couple of weeks off too, at least from writing my columns. You would think by now I would be able to do all this computer stuff myself, but the truth is I still think it all works by magic, and Ken is some sort of computer wizard.


I said last week I would post a photo of my new sculpture that is showing at the LeMoyne Art Foundation here in Tallahassee. Here it is.

These next few weeks I am going to hit it hard and start working on smaller pieces. I like the large ones, and I think they have a real impact on the viewer. However, they take so long to make, and I have a head full of ideas. I guess I can always look at the small ones as models for larger pieces.

There are a couple of guys across the street from my gallery who build stainless restaurant kitchens. They both are incredible craftsmen and said they are willing to make whatever idea I can come up with. It surely would be nice to work on some monumental outdoor metal pieces. There I go again with thinking large size, but then a scale model in wood would be just the thing to give them.

Some time early next week Ken is shutting down his wizard's tower, but all my past columns will still be on the site if you want to read ones you have missed. Maybe a couple weeks of time off from thoughts of politics, war, and government will do me a lot of good, and if I come up with anything exciting, I'll post it as soon as Ken returns.

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