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We Are In Trouble
by James Glaser
December 5, 2008

I have this big piece of plate glass in my workshop, and I am always worried that I'll break it when I am moving lumber around. It came from a display case that I dismantled, and I have no use for it. I told Wanda that I would just give it a away if I could find somebody that needed it. She said that she would put it on Craig's List for me, and somebody would take it right away.

Well, sure enough, I started getting all sorts of calls from people wanting this glass that Wanda listed for me under "Free" on Craig's List. The listing gave the size of the glass as 20" x 69" x ¼". So far, three people have come to look at the glass- a lawyer, a grad-student, and an underclassman at FSU. Every one of them said, "Gee, that's so big." or "Wow, I didn't think it would be that long."

These are people who are going to some day be the leaders of our country. These are the educated young people. I asked the lawyer how tall he was, and he said "Five foot eight." So I said, "Isn't that like 68 inches?" To which he said, "Yeah." So, real slow like I said, "If you read about this free piece of glass being 69 inches long, why are you surprised by how long it is. You had to know it was an inch longer that you are tall." He said, "I never thought of that."

This worries me. Young people, educated young people don't think. I thought about when I was these people's age, and yes, I knew how to think. I had already spent my time in a war, and if I didn't know how to think, I would have never gotten any older. I would have been shipped home in a body bag.

What really surprises me is that young people in America today sit around and drink beer, smoke dope, watch college football, while people my age spend every penny these young people will ever have. These young people are having the time of their lives while their parents are screwing them, and they don't even care.

I have written about how hard it is going to be for Barack Obama to do what he wants as President, because George Bush is spending every penny we don't have. By the time Obama is sworn in, Bush will have spent at least 10 trillion dollars, and he will have stuck it all on the United States credit card.

Well, you think it is going to be hard on Obama? Think down the road 10 or 15 years. By then, America will for sure be totally broke, and the young people today are oblivious to that fact, kind of like they are oblivious to the fact that a 69 inch long piece of glass is 69 inches long.

We as a nation are in trouble, but you and I, people who are adults today are nowhere close to being in trouble, compared to the young people today. We have had the good life. They are not going to have it like we did, because we are living on their money. They are just too dumb to know it.

Right now, today, every college kid in the nation should be marching on Washington, demanding that Congress stop spending their money. I'll tell you what—when the youth of today wakes up, they will be looking at what it is like to live in a third world country.

Laugh if you like, but think of this,

Interest Expense by Fiscal Year End
2005 - $314,909,670,536.68*
2004 - $321,566,323,971.29
2003 - $318,148,529,151.51
2002 - $332,536,958,599.42
2001 - $359,507,635,242.41
2000 - $361,997,734,302.36
1999 - $353,511,471,722.87
1998 - $363,823,722,920.26
1997 - $355,795,834,214.66
1996 - $343,955,076,695.15
1995 - $332,413,555,030.62
1994 - $296,277,764,246.26
1993 - $292,502,219,484.25
1992 - $292,361,073,070.74
1991 - $286,021,921,181.04
1990 - $264,852,544,615.90
1989 - $240,863,231,535.71
1988 - $214,145,028,847.73

(Look again at that list. Those are billions of dollars just on interest.)

This is the most up-to-date list I could find, but remember, the national debt has been going up since 2005, and the only reason the 2005 payment on this list is lower, is because it only covers the first 10 months of that year. This list was published in November of 2005. The first 11 months of 2008, we paid over 431 billion dollars on the interest for our debt.

With Congress spending trillions in the last few months, we have to know that we are going to be paying something like 600+ billion dollars next year, and remember these are just interest payments. We haven't made a payment on the principal for a long, long time.

The children of today, won't have any options when they grow up. We have taken that away from them. They will only have one choice... stop paying, and face a world-wide financial collapse.

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