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I'm Not A Republican, I'm A Conservative
by James Glaser
December 11, 2009

When I lived up North in Minnesota, your political party was either the Democrat Farmer Labor (DFL) or the Independent Republican. Those were the two choices. Both were pro-life, and in truth both were pretty conservative. Oh, there was a Green Party and the Socialist Workers Party, but you had to live down in the cities if you wanted to participate in either of those.

Here in the South, you have Democrats, without the farmers or the laborers, and the Republicans, who are not independent at all. But also in the South you have a lot of people who are just out and out independents, and don't belong to any party. You can be a liberal independent or you can be a conservative independent. Down here you can be pro-life or pro-choice, and still go to the church of your choice. Although, if you are pro-choice, it might be better to keep that to yourself in some churches down here.

Since moving down here I have learned there is a big difference between Conservatives and Republicans. Conservatives, at least the ones down here in the South, care about their gun rights, less government, the Constitution, low taxes, and did I say less government?

Now, don't think I am talking about right wing church goers who back the Republican Party when I use the word "conservative." The right wing church goers don't want a smaller government. They want it bigger, and the part of government they want bigger is the military. Really, I think they want to kill anyone who isn't a Christian or a Jew, and after they kill all those people I think the Catholics had better look out.

So, now that I have moved down here to the South, I have become just your ordinary vanilla conservative. I didn't have to join up, as there is nothing to join. I think that has something to do with less government. Conservatives have no party. They have no platform, other than the Constitution, and that makes it pretty easy to figure out how to vote.

If the office-holder is a Republican or a Democrat, you don't want to be voting for them, because they for sure are not conservative. If some independent man or woman decides to throw their hat in the ring, and they want to follow the Constitution, make government smaller, and they pack a concealed weapon, well that is the person you can vote for.

That narrows the field right down, and you can feel safe ignoring every one else running for office. Some things are a lot easier to figure out in the South.

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