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Sick is Sick
by James Glaser
November 19, 2010
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It doesn't matter where you are when you get a head cold. Sure, in Northern Minnesota it is a bit easier to get that fever down just by sitting out on the deck for a while as you watch the snow flakes melt on you.

I'll tell you though, when you have a fever, even a November evening in North Florida seems down right chilly. I have been sick since Monday, and I was really hoping for a 24 hour type cold, but this one is hanging on.

Wanda made a big pot of chicken noodle soup, and I have eaten a big bowl of that every day. I am loading up on fluids - both water and fruit juices. Wanda really treats me better than I deserve. I must be getting delirious to say something as dumb as that. But she has been great to me. Last night before I went to bed she stopped me and said it would be better if she put clean sheets on the bed. Maybe I would sleep better.

Down here in Florida, the Veterans Administration has this hotline any vet can call to get some advice from a nurse. I never heard of that up North. If, after talking to you, the nurse thinks you are sick enough, they will have you come to their emergency room or set up an appointment for the next day. I just wanted to run everything I have been doing to get better by someone and see if I had left something out.

I guess I am doing everything right: treating the symptoms, drinking lots of fluids, and getting lots of rest. To tell you the truth, rest is about all I am up to right now. One tid bit of news that nurse gave me is that a cold can hang on for a week or ten days. I was hoping for, "Man, you should be feeling chipper by morning."

The weather down here could not be nicer for working, and I have about 30 deck rail posts all finished to be bolted on to the Tree House platform, the observation deck, and the stairway and landing. I thought I would have that all up by now

Oh well, I'll get on that as soon as I start feeling better. Right now it is time to start resting again.

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