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How Do You Tell It Is Christmas
by James Glaser
December 25, 2011
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All of my adult life living in Northern Minnesota I always knew Christmas was getting close as the snow piled up. We always knew that when the days were their shortest, Christmas was at hand.

Here I am in Northern Florida. The Camellia are in full bloom, there is some sort of vine with beautiful dark blue flowers, and heck, we have azaleas and roses blooming. I was walking around the property today, and all I needed was a short sleeve shirt.

Are the days shorter? Maybe the local people think so, but it is still light at 6 in the evening, and it should be getting dark around 3:30 if we are close to Christmas. At least, that is the way it has been my whole life.

So, I guess I won't be seeing a white Christmas, and those winter coats can stay in the closet for another year, but it must be Christmas as we have the tree up and decorated, lights in the tree house, and Wanda is in the kitchen cooking up treats for tomorrow.

It really doesn't matter if it snows and blows or if it gets dark early. Everyone down here thinks it is Christmas. So, I'll have to go along, and wish each and everyone of you a blessed day tomorrow and a wonderful new year.


James Glaser

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