America Is Now A Terrorist State

by James Glaser
April 16, 2002

America buys the bullets and shells. America buys the aircraft, tanks, and artillery. America provides the money to pay the troops. And now America buys Israel the time they need to kill as many Palestinians as they can.

As I write this, reports of Israel digging mass graves in the Jenin refugee camp, are being reported by western journalists. For five days journalists and more importantly ambulances and care givers have been kept out of the camp. Colin Powell's week long trip to get to Israel, has allowed the continued terrorist incursions into any city, village, or refugee camp that Israel wants.

President Bush, has stated that it is not only the terrorists that we are at war with, but those who support those terrorists. That is us. You and I and our tax dollars are what is paying for all the terror that Israel is raining down on the civilians of Palestine.

Oh yes, I do know about the suicide bombers in Israel, but I also know that the Palestinians have had four people killed for each Israeli. I also know that Palestine has no army nor air force and that each suicide bomber can carry the equivalent in explosives of a tank shell or a rocket that Israel is firing on Palestine.

Israel is killing civilians in Palestine as that is all there is there.

The Palestinians have no weapons to deliver shells, so with incredible courage they are hand delivering them and give their life in the process.

Our President and Congress laments the actions of these suicide bombers, but will provide all the weapons and money needed for Israel to do four times the damage these Suicide bombers are doing and that people, makes us partners to massive terrorist attacks and therefore we are now the terrorists.

America can only claim the "high moral ground" if it fights all terrorism, not if we allow those who claim to be our friends, a license to commit terror at will, with the weapons we supply.

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