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Looks Like George Bush Is now a Choir Director

Gold Star Mothers Die A Little Bit Too

Peace On Earth Sounds So Good

It Is Christmas Eve And America Is At War

We Finally Get A Honest Politician And We Trash Him

Killing A Child Any Place, Any Time, Is A Terrorist Act

Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Men?

Is Something Wrong?

Saddam Lied, So Lets Start Killing Some Iraqi Kids

It Takes A Sick Or Desperate Man To Want To Drop Atomic Bombs

Saddam Is Calling George's Bluff

Bar Fights

Liar, - They Are Liars!

George Bush Still Does Not Get It

And Just Where Is That Compassion?

Please, Anyone But Henry

Lasting Impressions

What Happens When You Wake Up A War Monger?

Ramblings: I Am One Of The Seventy Five Percent Of Americans That Didn't Vote Republican

Letter from Osama bin Laden

No No! It's Not Me, It's Him, It's Him!

The Whole World Loves Their Children

What Are You Nuts - Look What They Did To My Dad

Trust -- Relience on the integrity or justice of a person, to have faith or confidence in something or someone

At What Point Will We Know?

I Want A Team Too

Older Veterans Can Still Teach America A Lesson

Thoughts on Veterans Day 2002

Six Trillion, Two Hundred Seventy Billion, Three Hundred Ninety Million, Four Hundred Forty Five Thousand, One Hundred Seventy Nine Dollars and 17/100 cents

And The Democrats Still Don't Get It

Why So many Veterans Are Finding George W. Bush Despicable

Election Day - Go Vote

We Really Should Be Ashamed Of Ourselves

Is America Losing It?

Dead Friends

The Catholic Church No Longer Rules!

Do You Feel Safer Now?

Friday's Weekend Column, October 25, 2002

It Looks Like Terrorism Is Here To Stay

The Bully Boys

People Will Risk Death To Get Some Of Our Freedom

It Is A Sad Time In America

Friday's Weekend Column, October 18, 2002

Secrets Can Kill You

There Are Many Forms Of Terrorism

And Just How Many Countries Have We Attacked?

"September 11th Has Changed Our World Forever"

Just Who Do You Trust?

Nobody likes Infomercials

Congress Is Abdicating Constitutional Powers To The President

A Hodge Podge Of Thoughts

Friday's Weekend Column, October 4, 2002

Boy Do They Have A Lot Of Nerve

America Is Going To Be An Empire, Then I Want To Be An Archduke

Let Us Talk To The Enlisted Man

I Am Sick And Tired Of Presidents Lying To Me

Will George become the ... WAR LORD?

We Buried A Soldier Today

Honor In Congress?

Saddam Hussein Could Have Been A Great American Patriot

America, What Are You Thinking?

Secrets/Just a few Questions

"Our Armed Forces Are There To Protect Our Allies Overseas"

OK, But Who Is Going To Look Out For The Children?

Weapons Of Mass Murder

Weapons of Mass Murder/Man And The Mall

Deal Of The Day ... Woolrich American Flag Blanket

September 11th

Remember This Is An Election Year

Swimming In The Ooze

Where Has American Leadership Gone?

Yes, I Do Get Mad

Get Ready Because You Know Its Coming ... The Big Lie

We Are One Lucky Country And September 11th Tells Why

Labor Day

So, Your Thinking Of Joining Up Huh?

Do You Think George Is Going To Try It?

George Bush's Hate Of Saddam, Transfers Directly To The Women And Children Of Iraq

Some Make You Proud to Be a Veteran

Yes There Are Terrorists Right Here In America

Some of America's Best Friends Are Terrorists

Don't You Ever Think, It Can't Happen Here, Because It Has

What Ever Happened?

It Seems So Simple To Me, Napalm

Some Times You Just Have To Say, What Were They Thinking Of?

There Is An Anniversary Coming Up

Is Saddam Hussein Dumb Or What?

Tell Me Now, Are We Good Or What?

You Know, I don't Think Those Terrorists Hate Us

Let Us Take Another Look At The Numbers

Republicans May Rise To Save America

Hey You Guys, It Is Only Money

Let Us Keep An Open Mind

We Are Now In A State Of Overkill

Come On Kids, Join The Air Force And Get Free Drugs

Do We Want Home Land Security?

Don't Worry, Be Happy. We Are Doing This and That.

Project SHAD

There Is Just No Doubt About It, The Man Is A Visionary

Everybody Says We Are Winning

Responsibilities, We All Have Them, Even The President

Here Is A Free Tip For You

Why Do You Care Jim?

At What Point Is It Called Murder?

Could George Bush Be The Antichrist?

This Is The Way Hell's Angels Do It

Friendly Firestorms, by Manuel Miles

Is America A Plutocracy?

Who Will Stand Up For The Troops?

I Really Did Want This To Be Nice

Let Us Talk About Freedom

This Is A War And We Have Money To Make

Mister President, Please Tell Me It Is Not True

A Hodgepodge of Short Thoughts

July 4th 2002

Manifest Destiny - It Is Now The Whole World

War All Over The Globe

War Games

George, Now Remember, You Are The American President

The Commander in Chief Should Be Looking Out For His Troops

Citizenship, May Not Be, All Its Cracked Up To Be?

Minnesota Defies The United States Army

Where Are We Going And Who Is Driving?

Not A Clue

Police State?


I Must Apologize

Do Americans Fear Their Government?

Is George Bush Now Reading Mein Kampf?

This Is Your Kaptain Speaking... Guest Column by Manuel Miles

America Is Number One Again

$589,802.00 Each And Every Minute

George You Are Oh So Quick


Look What Is Happening At Home

Get Your Handbag, Cause We Are Going

War is lots of fun ... If You Are Not Personally In It

Living In America Is Starting To Get Scary

Is This Subversive?

Lets Face It Guys, We Are Going To Have To Kill These People

Gee, I Sure Am Sorry About All of This

We Have Some Loose Cannons Out There

We Are Making Mistakes

America, Listen Up Here, We Are At War!!!

It All Depends On How You Look At It

Does Anyone Trust Us Anymore?

No God, You Are Wrong

Don't Do It Jim - David no longer fights Goliath

Really now, Who Is Calling Who A Terrorist?

George Bush Is Looking For Another 9-11

And Just What Is So Wrong With Suicide Bombers?

War Stories

Where Are We Headed?

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us

Does Anyone Win a War?

And Just What Do You Think Is Torture?

Officers Will Walk Over Your Dead Body To Get A Promotion

Fight the Fire Dragon, It's a Path to Glory

Hey Mohammed, Let's Become Terrorists

George's Endless War

Why Do I Get So Cynical

A Silent Prayer

Young Americans Have Given Their All For Freedom

Jack Booted Thugs They Are Not

We Have A Wonderful Country, Filled with Truly Great People

It Takes Courage To Be A Real Leader

The United States of America Has Finally Stopped Any Chance For People To Be Free

America Is Now A Terrorist State

I Was Just Wondering


When the Adrenaline Hits

Getting Ready for Winter

A Veterans Day

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