It Takes Courage To Be A Real Leader

by James Glaser
April 22, 2002

To be a real leader a person has to throw away the polls, stop worrying about what others will say, and take the decisive action that will bring on the desired results. Sure leaders get advice and hopefully the best advice they can find, but when all is said and done, a real leader steps up to the plate and takes that swing.

George Bush was on deck and gave the bat to Colin Powell, who was just looking for a walk and ended up getting called out on strikes.

To keep the baseball analogy going a little farther, George is the owner/manager of a major league team that has won the pennant for the last ten years. He owns the league and Palestine and Israel are two minor league teams. We supply all the bats, balls, and even the lights to play at night. Without us the game would be over and that says it all right there. Without us, America, the game would be over.

President George Bush had his chance to change history and he walked away from it. Sent Colin Powell on a no win mission with nothing to offer except words. George could have used the power or prestige of America and most importantly our check book to get a peace process going, but he was afraid. Not of Israel or the Arabs, but what the people at home would say, polls and lobbyists.

Like it or not, we are the war in the Middle East. We supply the guns, planes, shells, and the money to pay the troops. It would take a lot of guts, but George could have said, that is it, this war is over and both of you (Palestine and Israel) are going to act like the religious countries you both claim to be. America will get right in here some how even if it takes our own troops and we will separate you. Israel, you will have to dismantle your settlements in Palestine (which in the end will have to happen). Palestine, you will have to think of a number that will pay off this "right of return" that isn't going to happen either. You will both have to pay for the cost of the troops that hold you apart.

This is our Idea so we are going to have to pony up with cash, but if we aren't handing Israel billions we might come out on top. If Palestine gets it's land, Israel, real peace then I believe the two of them in the future will be able to work out some sort of labor exchange and if not, a permanent five mile wide no mans land that we could build with those funds we have been giving to Israel and yes Egypt. If Egypt doesn't like that then another no mans land, with the billions we give them.

What about the capitol, Jerusalem? Well hey, if these two can't get it together at all, then make Jerusalem a International enclave that can keep its religious prominence but no secular government bodies allowed. Sorry but you two countries have shown the world that you can't handle this city. It will have to become autonomous.

Is America going to pay Israel and Egypt billions and billions forever or are we going to step up to the plate and tell these countries that if they want peace like they say, then do this. Either that or walk away. America is paying out billions for what? If we are paying this kind of money we should be getting something or somewhere and that isn't happening.

Really If you think about it, it is either something like this or admit that moving Israel in that location was a big mistake in 1947 and it will never work. Both of these countries, Palestine and Israel think that God is telling them what to do. Either we have two Gods here or God isn't talking to either side. This killing will go on for ever long America wants to keep it going. Stop the checks to Israel and what ever we give to the Palestinians and both sides will start to think. Right now both sides have their heads in the sand.

Come on George, give it your best shot. Hey I am behind you in what ever you want to do, but to just sit there and pay and pay every year like a loan payment that never ends is sick. We are doing neither side any good with our current action.

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