Why Do I Get So Cynical

by James Glaser
April 29, 2002

You know I try not to be so cynical when it comes to our foreign policy and how we conduct ourselves when we are attacking another country, but George and the Pentagon really make it hard.

We now have these little remote controlled planes with missiles and cameras that make warfare more and more like a computer game. A couple months ago we thought we had Osama and we blew him away with one of these "little weapons." Well the one guy was tall and Osama is tall, so who could blame us for the killing, no I take that back, who can blame us for the murder of three peasants that were out looking for scrap metal.

If any of you have had gun safety or hunters training, then you know that you have to be sure of what you are shooting at before you fire. Maybe you can now tell the DNR officer that that doe looked like a buck because it was big and bucks are big, so it was OK to shoot it.

The more that warfare becomes like a computer game, more innocent people and more of our own troops will get killed. Those three peasants were real human beings as were the thousands killed by errant bombs, but from 30,000 feet up, dropping a bomb or hundreds of miles away, controlling a miniature airplane, those poor people in the sights are so impersonal that when they explode, there is no human experience of loss. Heck those bombing and those firing missiles can't even see the blood.

Now George wants 48,000,000,000.00 dollars extra, to build up our armed forces. The same armed force that was already the greatest in the world. We are the strongest nation on the planet and I would like to know who we are building up for. Certainly it can not be for terrorists, as all they used were their minds and box cutters. Those three nations that George has decided are evil, really are nothing compared to our forces.

To be "Evil" according to George, a nation must be trying to build weapons of mass destruction. Well we have every weapon of mass destruction known to mankind. In fact we invented most of these weapons and we are also the only country on the planet to ever use them. But we are not evil, they are.

As I said at the start of this, I do hate to be so cynical about the actions of our country. We are truly a great country, based on the greatest of ideals, however sometimes those leading us forget about what our country was founded on. Making money for corporations is not one of the principals that our founding fathers held dear. Making money for friends and relatives is not a reason to go into public service, but that is what has happened to our government.

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