George's Endless War

by James Glaser
April 30, 2002

It really only took me about two weeks of being in a war zone to figure out that war is not a very productive way to spend ones life. After over a year there, you know that who ever started this war, will be punished by God as only a biblical punishment would suffice.

Our new war which I call George's War, really has no form nor function. In the State of the Union speech, George said, "we are winning the war on terror," later on he says that "tens of thousands of terrorists are still at large" Originally he told the nation that we were going to Afghanistan to destroy the Al Qaeda network and on Feb. 21 the Boston Globe reported that US officials acknowledged that American forces have killed or captured only one senior Al Qaeda figure and seven far less prominent leaders. "We are winning the war on terror"

Well we have managed to kill any where from fifteen hundred to four thousand innocent men, women, and children, depending on which report you want to believe. We are now taking sides in a Afghanistan civil war, by bombing one faction for another. Most of all we have managed to spend over thirty billion dollars which is the real reason we go to war or create wars for others.

Americans will have to realize some day that terrorism is not a country or geographic area that we can attack. Terrorism can pop up any where on the globe, where people get angry with our foreign policies. Some of our best friends are the terrorists, Saudi Arabia and Egypt supplied all of the terrorists for the September 11 attack and they are our friends.

Now that George thinks that we are winning, he has decided that we can change focus and now start to change governments in Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. This is now part of the war on terrorism. These countries might some day attack us so lets take them on while we are waving the flag.

Our country has attacked Libya, Lebanon, Haiti, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Somalia, Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan in the recent past and we are worried that some of these other countries might be a threat to peace?

I know that this war on terrorism is a good for the Bush administration, his popularity went through the roof and he can pay back all who supported his bid for president with defense contracts or while the media is focused on the war he can slide in better environmental laws for industry. Bush feels that he can attack who ever he wants by yelling "terrorist" and that gives every government in the world, the right to kill all opposition under the guise of terrorism. Pretty neat huh?

Americans have to learn that what our country is doing, it is doing in our names. Americans have to learn that to take a life for corporate concerns is just so very wrong and has nothing to do with freedom nor defense.

Americans have to question if our government is honest. When it becomes unpatriotic to question what we are doing, I start to wonder who is running our government. Is it the people we elected or the people that gave them the money to run?

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