George Bush Is Looking For Another 9-11

by James Glaser
May 14, 2002

Yes, that is right, George Bush is doing everything he can to get America attacked again. Poll numbers went out of sight for George that first time and another attack should cement his presidency. Oh, George and his ilk will say that they are doing all they can to protect America, but are they?

The terrorist told us why they attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Osama said, because we have our troops in Saudi Arabia (Muslin Holy Ground) and that we are backing Israel in their mutual terror war with Palestine. George says that Osama is wrong and that isn't the reason that he attacked us, but the real reason is, Osama hates our freedom and democracy.

If your neighbor all of a sudden starts to flatten your tires and shoots your dog and you go ask him what the heck is going on and he tells you that your kids are selling drugs to his and your dog was shitting in his vegetable garden and ripping up his flowers, you don't say "no way" you flattened my tires and shot my dog because I believe in democracy and that my house is filled with only good.

You go home and check out what your kids have been doing and ask if anyone has had to pick up dog poop out of the yard. If your son is now driving a nicer car than you have and your yard and gardens look like Better Homes and Garden, then you go back and tell your neighbor how sorry you are. Where I live, If your dog is running someone's chickens or into ripping garbage cans open, then that dog has a much shorter life span.

When people spend their own life in a terrorist attack on your country you have to figure that is not a flippant act, but one that took a lot of soul searching and planing. George Bush and his cronies in Washington still have not figured how truly monumental of a attack it was to get nineteen young men, in the prime of their lives, all willing to give their lives to kill Americans. George still doesn't understand that this was a one way attack and there was no chance that these young men could get back home.

All through our history there have been American youth ready to go on the most dangerous of missions, but they usually had a escape plan. Even if it was so slim as to not have any chance of success. Those American men could still look at a chance of coming home. Those that attacked us on 9-11 had no such hope and they gave their lives to commit a act of revenge on America for some reason that they didn't tell us. However George has told us that Osama bin Ladin was the master mind of this attack and he told us why, only our government doesn't believe him and has decided for the whole world why they attacked.

George wants war and will make up any reason to have one because he doesn't know how to be a peace time president and people like him more if we are at war. George isn't going to war, Donald Rumsfled isn't going to war, none of the House or Senate members are going to war and just like in the past none of their children will. Heck the Generals in this war, aren't even going to war, but have a nice "war room" in Florida.

Like it or not Billions of people on this earth hate America for what we have done globally and now they are willing to throw away their lives just to kill some of us and if we don't wake up and start to check out why, it will continue.

America could reach the point of isolation not by choice, but by the danger imposed on any that leave our shores. At one stage in our history all the world loved America, "the land of the free and the home of the brave" What happened?

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