Really now, Who Is Calling Who A Terrorist?

by James Glaser
May 15, 2002

In 1983 the Israeli Supreme Court investigated the massacres at the Palestinian, Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. This investigation was chaired by Yitzhak Kahan, President of the Israeli Supreme Court and the commission he lead found that Ariel Sharon (current Prime Minister of Israel) along with other Israelis had responsibility for the massacres. On February 14, 1983 Ariel Sharon was relieved of his duties as Defense Minister for the State of Israel.

These massacres took the lives of the old, women (some pregnant), infants, and children. This was not Ariel Sharon's first terrorist undertaking, but his most famous. In 1953 Sharon was the commander of "Unit 101" and they attacked the Jordanian village of Qibya. It is reported that every building in the village was dynamited and 69 people were killed. Sharon did not dispute that his unit caused this destruction, but said, people hid in the cellars of the houses and he didn't know that they were there.

In 1979 Sharon, a cabinet member voted against peace with Egypt. A peace that is still in effect today. Sharon voted against the 1991 Madrid peace conference and in 1993 he also voted against the Oslo peace accord. Israeli political analyst Akiva Eldar said, the Sharon credo is, "Arabs understand only power and can never be trusted."

Ariel Sharon is the Prime Minister of Israel and he says that he can't deal with Yassar Arafat because he is a terrorist. This is true, but he is also the man that won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize along with Israel's Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. Arafat has proven that he can work for peace, while Sharon has proved he can't. "As long as Sharon is in power, no Palestinian will ever be able to make peace with Israel" says Palestinian legislator Hatem Abdel Kader.

None of this would be of any consequence, except for the fact that President Bush and America is backing Ariel Sharon and his brand of peace making in hopes that it will lead to a lasting Israeli/Palistinian peace accord.

Sharon, America's peace maker has the nickname "bulldozer", with some what of affection on the Israel side, but with fear and loathing on the Palestinian side. President Hosni Murbarak of Egypt accused Israel of "state terrorism and President Bashar Assad was quoted to have said that Arab nations could not consider peace talks with Israel until "war crimes" were investigated. These two men head nations that border Israel and have seen first hand what tactics Ariel Sharon has used on his enemies all through his life.

Prince Saud al Fasal, the Saudi Arabian foreign minister has said Sharon "will go down in history as perpetuating more violence than anyone in the history of the Middle East." None of this would matter, except America has a history in this region of backing those leaders that terrorize there neighbors and their own people. From the Shah of Iran to Saddam Hussein and on to Ariel Sharon. All of these men have had unlimited support from America and all have had a ruthless streak that has allowed them to terrorize millions of people in the Middle East.

Right now both Israel and Palestine are terrorists states and for America to pick Ariel Sharon as our terrorist peace maker is as foolish as if we picked Yasser Arafat. Now Israel is the top Terrorist nation on the globe with Palestine next in line and the only thing putting Israel ahead are the weapons that America supplies. With seven Palestinians dying for every Israeli it is hard for the rest of the world to understand how America can shower praise on Israel and heap scorn on Palestine. Foreign entanglements like these will only bring more terrorists to our shores.

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