America, Listen Up Here, We Are At War!!!

by James Glaser
May 22, 2002

That is right ladies and gentleman, America is at war. Our sons and daughters are half way around the world fighting terrorism. You remember terrorism don't you? You do remember President Bush telling us about this war don't you? Then why the heck has Dan Rather and the rest of the media forgotten about our war?

I know the ins and outs and even the ups and downs about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Do you realize all those two have going is a "conflict" and they have pushed our WAR totally off the front page of American papers and "Dandy Dan" only gives about 30 seconds on some nights about our Americans in action.

Think of this, we have thousands of young Americans running around in Afghanistan, some getting killed, some getting wounded, some getting sick, and the American media doesn't think that is as important as two old terrorists duking it out in Palestine.

Yasser Arafat and Areil Sharon have been fighting each other for just about all of their adult lives. Both are willing to do what ever horrible thing they can think of to defeat the other. And dumb as rugs, the American government is sending our best and brightest over, not to end our war, but to end a 50 year old conflict. A conflict that neither side wants to end.

American youth are getting killed and we are spending literally hundreds of billions of dollars, when you add up increased military spending, home land defense, and all the costs of keeping the fleet and those troops in Afghanistan. Then there is all the money we are giving to Pakistan and all the other "Stans" to have some bases in their countries. Hey it isn't cheap to have all of America and all the troops over seas on high alert.

I will tell you right out that I don't like this "war on terrorism," but America is in it and our young people are out there giving their lives for this war that George Bush thinks we need. Some of these young Americans are dying for our country and the least we could do is pay attention to their sacrifices and use Colin Powell and the rest of the State Department to get this war over with as soon as possible.

Sure it is just a horrible shame that Palestinians and Israelis are dying in their fight, but doesn't George Bush get it, it is "their" fight and we have our own going on. I want us to take care of American troops FIRST. When we get our kids home we can start to worry about others.

Yes I do know that George Bush is really fixated on Iraq and Saddam Hussein and that he wants to clear off that blemish on his dads record. I also know that he has to stop the Palestian/Israel thing so we can attack Iraq.

That said, come on now and get real. These are American troops giving their lives for us and lets at least show we care enough to follow what they are doing. Is that asking too much?

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