Gee, I Sure Am Sorry About All of This

by James Glaser
May 29, 2002

I really have to apologize for all of these things happening since Sept. 11. But who would have known. National ID Cards, no warrant searches, looking into your e-mail, and you can't talk to your attorney alone. I just never saw it coming.

You know I was just trying to make the house payment and the electrical bill and all these things just jumped right out there and really caught me off guard. I read the Constitution and Bill of Rights a few years ago and they seemed the same as when I was in high school, who would have thought that they would change them.

I should have seen it coming though, we had all these warnings what with Waco, Ruby Ridge, and McVeigh flipping out like that. The writing was on the wall, but I was too busy trying to make ends meet.

What really makes me feel bad is that for over 200 years people defended our rights and kept things going so that I could enjoy life and now I feel that I let you guys down. I thought that I had my eyes open, I was political, well to tell you the truth I voted, and I really believed those elected, when they swore to uphold the Constitution. What a chump huh?

I am really at a loss on what to do now. I don't know who or what to trust, but I guess that is what they want. People that can't trust each other, can't get together and get their rights back. That worked in Germany and Russia. We had to fight and die to get the Germans their rights back, but who is going to help us. For over 50 years we were trying to get the people in Russia, their rights and we still haven't. Now we are going their way. Sure is scary.

Boy oh boy did Osama really get us. No way he could ever have dreamed that he would be this successful. It took nineteen guys to wreck over two hundred years of people living in freedom. Sure makes you feel bad though.

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