Lets Face It Guys, We Are Going To Have To Kill These People

by James Glaser
May 30, 2002

Now just for a few minutes stop thinking like a political correct American and start thinking with some common sense. These people, these terrorists, these human beings that we have moved to Cuba will have to die for the good of our country.

Wait a minute before you start saying that old Jim has flipped out. Have you seen any of the pictures of these guys and how we are treating them. Well let me tell you, that you can't torture someone and that is exactly what we are doing, and then let them go at some later date and say sorry. You have to kill them or they will come back and get you some how.

Think about living in a cage like at a zoo for who knows long. Think about being put in manacles and chains for who knows long. Think about this, being a prisoner, having a cloth bag put over your head, being chained, drugged, and flown half way around the world, away from any family or help and then put in a cage. Now we have told these people, if at a trial they are found innocent, we will still keep them. Torture? You bet and big time.

Are these people going to hate us more than before? Maybe not, but will these people have more valid reasons to hate us? Yes indeed. Everything Osama said is true now. We are evil just like he said and we have proved him right. Will these people work the rest of their lives to get even? I would and I am sure you would too, under the same circumstance.

Oh we do have one option, we can torture these guys to the point that they go stark raving mad and then they will be of no danger to us, just themselves. This might of happened to some of these guys already. Who really knows the breaking point of another?

When a country like America starts down this road of torture the squeamish of our society will just have to get out of the way. This is a one way road, so look out.

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