War is lots of fun ... If You Are Not Personally In It

by James Glaser
June 4, 2002

We have troops over here, over there, and some places you never heard of. Americans are ready to send in the troops at the drop of the hat or maybe I should say that those in Washington are ready for that. It is a safe bet that those same people, ready to send your kids and mine are not going to send theirs.

Can any of you even imagine the power trip that George, Dick, And Donald are on? The testosterone must be just oozing out of their pores. I imagine that they are so pumped, that their heads could explode at any minute. Short tempers come with that "manly" show of power. It has got to be tough on the family life.

One thing for sure, these three have never seen and will never see, combat. That is why this terrorist war can be fun for these guys and many more in Washington. Those that have no idea of what they are doing, nor what they are asking others to do can look at war as a game. Maps, little models, and flags are all they have to look at.

There are reports from the actual war zone and anything that might upset those in charge, is deleted so all seems to be on the up and up. Reports of innocent civilians getting killed are said to be erroneous by the Generals. Nothing bad happening here, after all, we are America and America would not kill an innocent person, no matter how many reports come out about them.

I want you to think what it is like for George Bush to talk to another head of state. George knows that his defense department is at least fifty times bigger than the other guys, but maybe a thousand times bigger. George knows this and you can be sure the other guy does too. Then George says "I bonded with this guy" Right. The guy will tell George whatever he wants to hear, both out of fear and the fact if he plays George right, he will be a rich man, with our tax money.

Watch George, Dick, or Donald on the news programs and you can see it. George is from Texas, kind of and has that Texas swagger when he walks, but now he has a sort of "strut." He is "pumped" and you would be too if you had that much power at your beck and call. The only trouble with our leaders now is that they are too willing to use that power and that pop in the eye Osama gave them, has them looking for a fight.

Three thousand dead will be nothing if these three get their way. They want payback. The problem is they are swinging at air. Osama is not a country, so they are sending troops all over the globe, Columbia, Afghanistan, Georgia, the Philippines, Yemen, and more looking for that fight so they can prove how really tough America is. Let us go and three thousand dead will be childs play.

That first country that puts up a fight and doesn't roll over like the Taliban will receive the full wrath of America and all those innocent women and children killed in Afghanistan will be nothing compared to what we will do to a opponent that fights back.

Those leaders in Washington have no Idea of what they are asking of our young men and women, nor do they care. They want to show the world that we are tough and can destroy whatever we set our minds to. If only Osama would stand there and fight we would show him too.

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