Get Your Handbag, Cause We Are Going

by James Glaser
June 5, 2002

George Bush has now come clean with the world and has said in a speech this week that "deterrence and containment" are now irrelevant. America's new war doctrine is to strike first. George now says " We must take the battle to the enemy, disrupt his plans and confront the worst threats before they emerge"

We had all sorts of threats about attacks on America before September 11 and George decided that to tell Americans about them, might hurt the air line industry, so he kept them to himself. Now George is going to attack our enemies before their threats and plans even emerge

Makes one really confident, when the President of our United States can tell who to attack even before their plans and threats have been made public, maybe even before they know about them.

My father and the Marine Corp warned me of this tactic, back then it was called a "Sucker Punch." Here is how it works. You are in a bar (this tactic is usually used in drinking establishments) and you see someone that looks like you would not like them or you see someone from your past that you know you don't like. You walk over to them, stand kind of to the side, never say anything nor make eye contact and when they least expect it, you wind up and punch them as hard as you can. This is also called blind siding someone.

People that use this tactic have no friends and for the rest of there lives, people remember them for taking cheap shots. .

Japan was supposed to have done that to start WW2 with us. Germany did the same to Poland. Both countries won to start, but lost in the end. This is what we want to teach our children? This is how far America has fallen? We think you are going to threaten us and so we will waste you right now. War will be our first response?

George Bush has said right after talking about First Strikes, "We have our best chance since the rise of the nation state in the 17th century to build a world where the great powers compete in peace instead of preparing for war." This in the same speech that he said America "must take the battle to the enemy"

With leaders like George Bush, America will go to hell in a handbag. "First Strike" is a aggressor tactic that those striving for power use. Throughout our history, we have always been told that we stand for truth and justice. Now after 226 years, we are starting a new way of doing things. We will be the one to start the wars and that will be our down fall.

We as a nation are better than this. Our founding fathers talked about staying out of foreign entanglements. They never dreamed that America would be attacking countries and neither did I. George Bush and his administration should scare all Americans. Nothing in our history has pointed us toward world domination.

At one time the world looked at us as "defenders of freedom" and the world really loved America. We have fallen into the trap of thinking that we know what is best for others. "Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them must share in the guilt for the dead." General Omar Bradley

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