Look What Is Happening At Home

by James Glaser
June 6, 2002

That is right and all you have to do is take a look around and you will see what is happening to America. While George and the rest of Washington are trying get rid of all the Evil in the rest of the world, they have plumb forgot about the people and their problems, right here in the good old USA.

10% of high school kids drop out each year and in no time at all that adds up. This one is hard to see, but a major problem for our future, 27% of all children in America are raised in single family households. Take a part time job as a cashier for a few weeks and see how many young Americans can count change.

Try taking a gander at the test scores of American children compared to the rest of the world. Think about the Social Security Lock Box and all the promises made on that one. Another one that every politician has expounded on is prescription drug costs for our seniors.

Hey, it is election time again and everyone from Washington will be spreading out over this country, telling us what they are going to do about these problems. This will be reminiscent of the election two years ago which reminds one of the election two years before that and so on.

Sure it is nice and neat to work on the rest of the worlds problems and you get to spend so much money when you can get a war going, but those pesky problems back here just keep growing larger. If you can just keep America focused on these terrorists, you will be able to be that war time Commander in Chief and that is so cool.

People wave flags where ever you go, there is constant applause for your every word about America's victory, and those suffering at home with real bones to pick with you are either to sick to come out or have just given up on you.

President Bush and Dick Cheany have got a good thing going here. If one speaks up, they are unpatriotic, if they question new laws taking away freedoms given by the Constitution, they are helping the terrorists. The Democrates are afraid to say anything for fear of their return to congress in a election year. College professors that ask any questions are branded traitors.

Americans have been frozen by the fear of another terrorist attack and will listen to a President that constantly adds to that fear with new talk of attacks. President Bush knows that continued terrorist threats are his ticket to another term. Starting a war would make him a shoe in.

As long as Washington can keep Americans looking overseas, problems here at home can be left to grow. We can worry about Israel, Afghanistan, and everywhere else on this globe, but when all is said and done we will have to face our own problems.

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