Not A Clue

by James Glaser
June 21, 2002


I was talking to my daughter and the topic of abortion came up. She wanted to hear what I truly thought about it. Well abortion is always a lose lose topic of discussion and I didn't really have any good thought sitting at the top of my head that I could expound on. So like any man with a ounce of smarts I said that I would think on that and get back to her.

Everything about women and men is different, especially how they think. So I knew if I came up with some flippant response off the top of my head she would spot my insincerity right away. Men can blow off hard answers and get back to sports real quick like, but women like those deep thought topics that men avoid like the plague.

A few days after our talk, I saw a man that was the director of a "pro life" group on TV and thought, wow, what could this guy know and he was being answered by a man that was the president of a "pro choice" group. This was a discussion on abortion and there were no women involved. So I did give myself some real time to think about the subject and here is what I came up with.

If ever there is a vote in America about if abortion is right or wrong, I do hope that the women of this country stand up and call "FOUL." I really can't understand why women are not up in arms now, joining together no matter which side of the issue they are on and telling those men in office and those directors of pro-life and pro-choice to have some integrity by telling the world they have not a clue.

I don't know if abortion is right or wrong and neither do any other men. No man has any idea of what it is to be pregnant nor can they understand the trauma caused by a abortion or having a baby that the woman does not want. No man can understand what it is like to go to term with a baby when your life is in danger from the pregnancy.

Lets face it, only a woman can understand what it is like to have a baby come out of her or what it is like to have that umbilical cord cut. Really men have no idea what postpartum blues are or what it is like to feel a baby moving around inside you.

As I said before, I have no real idea if abortion is right or wrong, as being a man I am not able to make that judgment. I can say this, I think it is wrong for a man to be the head of a pro or con abortion group. I can also say that it is real arrogance for a man to take a leadership role in a abortion rights or antiabortion group, when there is no possibility that he can have any real knowledge on the subject.

Many times men are called on to vote on abortion issues in state legislatures. They should abstain for the reason above, but no, they vote up or down, not on knowledge of the subject, but a need to please which ever camp they belong to.

Women, yes you women should be up in arms no matter how you look on this subject, because you are the only experts with experience. For you women to let a man lead your movement really tells the world that you don't think women are capable of making a decision about their own bodies and that someone who has not a clue about what is going on is your best choice.

That is right, I haven't a clue when it comes to abortion or pregnancy and I would be very suspect of any man that said that he did. I don't have the body for it and neither do other men, it is totally out of our realm of experiences.

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