Where Are We Going And Who Is Driving?

by James Glaser
June 24, 2002

We are about to become the country that starts the wars. We attacked Iraq last time, because Saddam attacked Kuwait. We said that was wrong no matter what his reasons were. Now George Bush has decided that America can strike first and be in the right. We are now "fine tuning" this idea, but we have come out and said "Potential targets include weak states that have become, in the words of one official, 'petri dishes' for terrorists groups"

First thing out of the blocks is that our potential targets are the weak countries. Yea, well is this new? Is first strike new? When exactly did Afghanistan attack us? Come to think about it, when did Somalia attack us? Oh Yeah I forgot Somalia was a humanitarian mission and all those American men were killed and wounded doing what humanitarian act? The Balkans, did we attack first or did they?

I think America has had this "First Strike" thing going for a long time and the only reason that people are questioning it, is George had to say that it "will be the foundation of a new national security strategy." Just like his taking the Idea for a new Department of Homeland Security from Congress and claiming it as his own, George is trying to tell us that he thought of this first strike thing, when we have been doing it for years.

Remember that Gulf of Tonkin deal that gave us cover to really hit North Vietnam, well now we won't have to lie to the American people when we want to attack some one. No more having to come up with some made up reason to attack. America will now be able to bomb who ever we want, when ever we want.

To kind of fit right in with this new attack mode we are entering we have the, "George Bush we can assassinate who ever we want act." President Bush has directed the CIA to conduct a covert operation to oust Saddam Hussein from power and to use all available means. "Such forces would be authorized to kill Hussein if they were acting in defense." Like I guess if Saddam looked cross or if he might try to defend himself from assassins, then they could legally kill him. If Saddam just gave up and held his arms in the air, then they would have to arrest him. Yea, right.

We Americans have got to remember the old saying "Might is Right" and we are now the mightiest country on earth, no doubt about it. George Bush picked that right up after becoming President and unbeknownst to the American people, George was more than willing to become the new WAR LORD of the earth.

Hey, I know that all of this stuff about George Bush seems crazy, but George Bush or whoever is calling the shots, are really heading America down the road that will make us the biggest bully on the block. Power can really corrupt anyone and George is now the most powerful man on this planet.

We are supposed to be in a war with terrorism and silly as it sounds, I thought that meant that America was going to try and stop the world from hating us. We can use this power that we have now for good things or we can continue to try and consolidate more power. We should realize that this quest for more power will only bring us more terrorism, until we lose our "top billing"

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