The Commander in Chief Should Be Looking Out For His Troops

by James Glaser
June 27, 2002

George Bush will tell you that we have the best of the best in our armed forces. George even got them a raise in pay and those in the service today think that the President is looking out for them. Well he is, at least until they are no longer able to put their lives on the line for him.

Once you have left the employ of Army, Navy, Air Force, or the Marines your value to our President falls to zero. Sure you did a good job for your country, heck some of you gave thirty years or maybe your legs or eyes. So?

You see if you had worked for any other branch of the federal government and got hurt, not only would they pay you a retirement, but also they would compensate you for your disability. What is that? You were in the Army? You are in a wheel chair with no legs? Well Sir you are what they call "shit out of luck" You should have been in the FBI or CIA making big bucks and then we would pay you retirement plus disability, but seeing you are a vet we will pay you that disability, but we will have to deduct that from your retirement pay.

Yea, we know you gave your all to keep us free, but life's a bitch and your grateful nation isn't really all that grateful. Hey, listen up, Congress is working for you people, kind of. They put a amendment on the defense bill to pay you guys both retirement and disability. Yes I do know that for many of you it is too late and you others have been waiting since 1945. No there will not be any of that retroactive stuff for you.

In fact this is only for guys that are at least 60% disabled and get this it won't kicking in till 2007. So if you are WW2 then you will be at least 80 years old for this. You guys have to remember that there is a war going on and you really can't think that Uncle Sam or President Bush would really help you out.

You Guys have to remember all the thousands of "Atomic Vets" that America made sick with human tests, well we didn't give them anything until 95% of them were dead. You think you guys rate any better. Hey, the senior White House aids are telling George to veto this bill, not because it leaves 450.000 vets out, but it costs the money he wants for other projects.

Know what else? Now all of those House and Senate members up for reelection can tell you that they passed this for you. I want you guys to remember that it is you veterans that organize all the tributes to fallen comrades. It is the veteran community that does Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the Federal government really doesn't give a rip about you after you leave the Service.

The one and only reason that veterans get anything is because of the VFW, American Legion. Blind Veterans of America, Paralyzed Veterans of America. Vietnam Veterans of America, Jewish Veterans of America, AM Vets, Order of the Purple Heart, and many more groups are all begging and fighting the federal government for the help that our country promised these men and women when they heard their call to duty. Why do you think these organizations exist?

Really George Bush and Congress look at veterans as a nuisance, to be brushed away. Other wise George would be out trying to help veterans and Congress would be funding programs to help veterans, before the tens or hundreds of thousands of those needing help died. Washington knows what help is needed and Washington knows what it promised when those veterans were needed. Washington also knows that every day over two thousand vets die and if they can put them off long enough they will save lots of money.

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