War All Over The Globe

by James Glaser
July 2, 2002

One minute we are winning and the next there are tens of thousands of terrorists out to get us. Warnings slide off Americans simply because there are so very many. Troops are on every continent except Antartica and nobody is raising the flag of victory.

We so very much want to take on Iraq, but we have to wait our turn and settle the Plastine/Israel thing. We have given the Israelis carte blanche to do what ever they want short of nukes, but those suicide bombers keep coming back like there is no end to them.

We have The new Homeland Security, but the New York Times can still get Secret government reports. In fact it is parts of the government giving them, in hopes of their ideas having a "leg up" with the American public.

This week a report about the very core of our War on Terrorism was made public and it seems that things are not very much like those in power would like us to believe. Our much vaulted attack on that hot bead of terrorism, Afghanistan, "Failed to diminish the threat to the United States" Really all that happened is the al Qaida members that were there, split for who knows where.

Because George Bush and his cronies had to make a big deal out of this "WAR" and first threaten the Taliban with extinction before we attacked, Osama and his whole command network, with their families in tow, left. There never were tens of thousands of al Qaida. True there were Taliban supporters from Kashmir, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia and yes even the United States of America. All there trying to help the Taliban in their civil war with the Northern Alliance. The northern Alliance, until we got there, was backed by Russia.

This leaked secret report goes on to say that our attack on Afghanistan " actually complicated the US Counter-Terrorism campaign by dispersing its radical foes across the middle east." Those that stayed were not even the hard core terrorist that we said they were. Fanatical yes, hate America, for sure now, but capable of attacking our homeland, no way.

That is the reason that 10 billion dollars, over 10 thousand troops, and troops from a reported 27 countries have not been able to find the al Qaida. First, there were never that many to start with and second those in a leadership smart enough to take out the World Trade Center and a big chunk of the Pentagon, were smart enough to leave when George Bush gave them about a month to do so.

Sure as long as we stay in Afghanistan we will find stores of weapons. The country is rife with war lords and bandits, so small skirmishes will take place. You can bet however this new government that we bought for a reported 5 billion dollars in CIA money will turn to tribal chaos when we leave and Russia will have the upper hand, now that we put their boys in power.

One must wonder why, with thousands of troops hunting the country over, never once has there been a large opium or hash cache found. Also are these foreign troops that are there helping us, paid for with American tax dollars or are they there out of loyalty to George Bush the worlds largest War Lord ? Just how does America go about building a coalition. Could George's "you are either with us or you are with the terrorists" have any thing to do with this.

Now that America has dispersed every terrorist on the globe to we don't know where, we have had to start sending our troops where ever a terrorist might be and that is any where. Troops to the Republic of Georgia and the Philippines, Columbia and Bolivia, and we want to go to Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. We have built bases in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and now it is said we are sending troops into Iraq through Jordan. We have troops in more countries than we don't, so we do have the globe pretty well covered.

The only trouble with the sending of troops willy nilly is we make enemies. A lot of young men, Muslims and others get mad when they see their own governments corrupted by the US being there. They see the crime and degradation of their women that always follows any American Army and that swells the ranks of terrorist organizations of which al Qaida is only one.

For Muslims, America and George Bush are pawns of Israel and they think that America is now waging a war against the Muslim world. It does not matter if it is true or not, it looks that way.

President Bush has fallen prey to a pro-Israel lobby and those in Washington that side with them. Most of his advisors have little if any real war time experience except for Colin Powell and he wants peace. Others like Condalisa Rice have no background when it comes to advising the President on matters of National Security.

Many have said it before, having a war on terrorism is not like having a war on a specific country. There are no boundaries and as we move from one country to the next we will see that our strong arm policies have bred new terrorists behind us.

President Bush, so fond of stating that he is a Christian has forgotten these quotes attributed to one Jesus of Nazareth, "Those that live by the sword, die by the sword" and even more to the point "Blesses are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God" You can't have it both ways Mr. President.

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