Manifest Destiny - It Is Now The Whole World

by James Glaser
July 3, 2002

In 1845 John L O'Sullivan wrote "The right of our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of Liberty and Federaltive development of self government. It is right such as that of the tree to the space of air and the earth suitable for the expansion of its principle and destiny of growth"

America government now seems to think that one continent is not large enough and "Providence" has now bestowed the whole world on us.

Growing up in America has always been a source of pride for me. Just in the last year have I started to feel like America was no longer trying to defend the weak, no longer was America on the side of Justice, and now America is overtly trying to hurt innocent peoples to increase America's power and economy.

This week, with the Presidents speech on the Middle East, there was last week watching what we were doing to Afghanistan by putting in our Afghan oil executive into power, and Sunday listening to Administration people put the spin on George's words, really make me sad that America has fallen this far.

Yassar Arafat, true he is not the most effective leader in the world, but not many leaders have had to start from where he has and he still doesn't have a country to lead. America has never been Palestine's friend nor have we ever really helped them. Sure we have thrown some small change their way, but actual help in attaining a nation has not been in our policy.

Now America as defined by George Bush is telling the Palestinians that they have to get rid of Yassar. Yassar was elected by 87% of his people, in a election with international observers headed by our own former President Jimmy Carter. All was said to be above board. Now America wants new elections and has told the people of Palestine that if they elect Yassar again or some one else that we do not like then there chances of a nation are gone. Does this make for a free and honest election?

The fact that George Bush only got forty some percent of the American voters approval did nothing in way of making President Bush stop pointing fingers at other leaders. Why can't Bush worry about America, as we have plenty of problems of our own.

So now America in just the last few weeks has decided to install leaders that America likes. Now America will control the voters boxes world wide with our purse. If Palestine doesn't vote the way we like, no money, no nation.

Last week's "loya jirga" (election of a government) gave Afghanistan a CIA puppet in Hamid Karzai. Karzai was with the oil company that wanted the Taliban to let them put in a pipeline. Now, no Taliban, oil company executive is President, and oil pipeline in the works. It only took the reported sum of 5 billion in bribes and payoffs to Afghan warlords to get this done. So much for America wanting free elections.

Condalisa or Condoleezza Rice was on the political talk show circuit spinning the Presidents speech on Palestine and Israel. Yes Yasser has to go, she even used his name. If the Palestinian people don't play ball with us then we take their money and hope of a nation away. Ms. Rice went on to say that if Israel didn't play ball, it would not effect their considerable sum of money. Palestine gets "chump change" compared to what we bestow on Israel.

Saddam has to go. President Bush has now given the green light to "take him out" and who will be next? With Iraq we are so afraid of a real election or the passage of time to replace their leader that we will go to war in order to get change in that country and you have to remember that Saddam was "our boy" at one time. Any of these people that America puts into power are poor choices in the first place.

Any one that needs the might and bankroll of the American tax payer to get elected, is not their nations best choice. In the last 50 years we have backed many that turned out to hurt us and make the rest of the world distrust us. From the Shah of Iran to Saddam and on to Osama bin Laden, we have backed them all.

Either America believes in freedom and democracy or it doesn't. Our actions in the last year, tells the world that freedom of choice goes to the country with the largest army. America, I am so very sad to say has succumbed to the desire to rule the world the way those in Washington think is right.

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