This Is The Way Hell's Angels Do It

by James Glaser
July 18, 2002

They call you up and tell you that you have to take the "fall". Sure you have been a good member of your motorcycle gang chapter and to stay in good graces you take the rap for some one higher up. Your family is taken care of. Your payments are made, your house needs a new roof, you got it. Nobody messes with your family. It is the price you pay for membership and after you are out, you are moved up a few notches in the club.

This is no different than how big business works, only they have a little more power and when you take the "fall" you don't do hard time, but get a nice Federal Pen, made for the likes of you.

Remember back to the savings and loan deal a few years ago? I think one of George Bush's brothers was involved. Yeah, surprise huh? Well a few of the "big guys did do some time, but I would be willing to bet that none of them are selling pencils now.

How about that Junk Bond King, Michael Milken? He was said to be "the symbol of American greed." Did a few years in some low maintenance Federal safe house and now is out with his own foundation. Kept a few million to play with. Milken was said to have made over a half billion. He "fraudulently enriched himself." That means that some people lost over half a billion. That is how it works, people have to lose money for these guys to get it.

How about this new round of bad guys? Do any of you think that the government will take Kenny Boy's millions and start to help all of the little people that lost it all? How many of you want to bet that millions have gone "off shore" and those "players will say that they have nothing to give.

Lets face it if they do lose everything, the "gang" gets together and gives them a book deal and they some how, even with a record, get jobs we could only dream of.

Hey, I have to admit that when I drive through some really poor neighborhood, I wonder how those people can live like that. Then I remember, that I lived that way for a few years and it really isn't that hard to fall into hard times. Well those in big business and those that run our country in Washington feel that way about all the rest of us. "How can they live like that?"

Those at the top start to feel that it is their right to have more than the rest of us and they have formed a "class' of people that they feel comfortable with. True the real "old money" have had to let some "new money" into the club, but it is still only a very small fraction of America.

Just like Hells Angels, those in power and those with wealth, have rules. If you are the one chosen to take the fall for everyone else, so be it, but your family will be taken care of and wealth will come your way when you get out. It is just a bigger, better financed gang, don't kid yourself.

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