There Is Just No Doubt About It, The Man Is A Visionary

by James Glaser
July 30, 2002

Who else, but our President George W. Bush, would ever have had the "vision" that it took to come up with the Department of Homeland Security. It took some one with a intellect like George's to come up with this redeployment of 170,000 federal workers, with a budget of $37,000,000,000.00, and put this whole idea into just 35 pages of instruction.

And lets face it, there is no body of government other than the United States Congress that could pass into law something this massive in just a matter of weeks. Like the Patriot Act, the American Congress will not have to be burdened with reading what this plain is all about. All they have to know is that George Bush likes it and what more is needed than that?

The Congressional Budget Office put a price tag of $3,000,000,000.00 on this change in our government. This isn't money for security, but money just to change every thing around. You know all that new stationary, desks, promotions in both name and price, Wow, signs, can you even imagine how many doors will have to be repainted with new names? How about directional signs? You just know that in Washington a new office calls for a new desk and why stop with just the desk?

It sure will be nice to get rid of all the protections that those workers have gotten over the years. Every one knows that you can't protect America and America's workers at the same time. Really now, workers can't just be reporting on how things in government are going wrong and then expect that they will be able to keep their jobs. That FBI woman should be the last of that breed.

Now if any of you believe that by changing the names of the organizations that these 170,000 work for, changing the unit of government that makes out their pay check, and causing untold months of chaos will make America more secure, then maybe you should run for Congress.

All those years of the Cold War, with thousands of nuclear weapons aimed at every city in America, 10 years of heavy warfare in the sixties and all of the unrest that brought us, spies from all over the globe and it took George Bush to come up with this idea to protect us.

Does this protect us or does it protect George? Hey, when I have my list of "things to do," I can come up with all of these new projects that I have to get done first, because I really don't want to do those hard jobs that I have been putting off, some for years. It is always easier to come up with these new projects and it does look like I am doing something.

That is what George Bush is doing. He is doing something and the Department of Homeland Security will make George look like he is doing something all the way past the election. It doesn't matter if it is a good Idea or not, those in Congress can say that they are doing this and that, but nothing will change and this concern for security will continue to put all of America's real problems out of sight and they hope out of mind.

Next election in 2004, we will be talking about Social Security, Terrorism, the high cost of drugs, and how the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider. The President and those in Congress will get on TV and say we need this and that, but it will all be a screen so that no one will ever have to bite the bullet and take on the domestic problems that America has. Remember we can always pass those on to our kids along with the debt. Yes sir, we really love those kids.

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