Is Saddam Hussein Dumb Or What?

by James Glaser
August 15, 2002

Tell me now, Is Saddam that dumb or is he really insane, to take on The United States of America all the way from Iraq? They must be loading up those super tankers with troops and tanks right now. Can you imagine the smell inside one of those? This is really a bold diabolical plan.

Our President, George W. Bush is right on top of it though. George wants to strike Iraq before Saddam can get his attack off the ground. You know what? If those terrorists of September 11th had left a note saying that they attacked America because they were afraid of our weapons of mass destruction, it all would have been legal. Striking a small country like Iraq because we fear that they might have weapons of mass destruction would be the same reasoning.

We don't have the right to attack Iraq, based on suspicions, because if we do, that opens the USA to attack. Countries don't suspect that we have weapons of mass destruction, they know we do because we are the only country on earth that has used them on a grand scale. We wasted over a half million Japs with just two bombs. Beat that, will ya?

George W. Has good intentions, he wants to get revenge for his Dad and keep everyone focused on this terrorist war he has going, just for the good of his party. Hey, remember all of this stuff helps America too, other wise George would never do it. Right?

George's dad, George (I know it gets hard for me too) had the right idea. George the 1st had a whole bunch of countries helping him in his war with Saddam and we won. Well it wasn't like total victory, but we didn't lose that many guys, except if you want to count the thousands that are still sick, but the government and the Veterans Administration are pretty sure that is just in their heads, so we won't count them.

George number 1 had the right idea, have a war, get it over quick, and ride the polls to a second term. His only mistake is, that he totally forgot about domestic policy and when the deficit went out of sight and he raised taxes, it was allover for him.

Our George thought about that and got a tax cut in there right away. He started his war right away too, but our George was smarter. Our George has said that this war will never end, so he doesn't have to think about winning nor having that pause before the second term election, where people really look at what you have done.

There are a couple flaws in this, the fact is he started deficit spending almost right off the bat and he chose to continue "his war" with the same guy his dad did. New wars need new foes.

Also the fact that this George holds himself above international law and he is pretty arrogant. When your country is the most powerful on earth, it might just work to your advantage to be a little humble, if you are the leader. But lets face it, our George is from Texas and that makes it hard to be humble. All of these other countries that we are not listening to, won't try to stop us, but they won't help us either.

Bragging does not help and that is what America is doing every time we come up with a new scenario on how we are going to take Saddam out and then he brags back about how he is going to kick our butt. George and Saddam have fallen into that school yard name calling thing and that is not the way Americans like to see their President. George the First went out with dignity, our George will leave yelling and screaming about terrorists over there and over there and there and that will be the end. No George the 3rd.

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