Yes There Are Terrorists Right Here In America

by James Glaser
August 26, 2002

Jimmie Lee Emerson is a terrorist, caught by and confessed to, the Minneapolis Police Department. Jimmie Lee, didn't work for Al-Qaida or even for Saddam Hussien. No Jimmie Lee was a American Free Lance Terrorist, who preyed on old people, terrorizing them to get their valuables.

Harvey Keefe, a World War II twice wounded Marine was not about to let Jimmie Lee terrorize him. In the middle of the night of August 21st 2002, Harvey locked up his home and then went to bed. He also locked his own bedroom door as a extra precaution, because his home had been broken into thirty six years ago.

This 79 year old Marine veteran said that his pulse raced when he heard his back door broken into and he reached for his .38 caliber revolver. He heard no talking, so figured that this intruder was alone. When this terrorist made an effort to brake in the bedroom door, Harvey took aim and fired one shot, where he thought the intruder should be standing.

Not knowing if he hit anything, Harvey called 911, but couldn't hear very well, he said, "that pistol made a heck of a racket." He stayed on the line until the lights of the police car could be seen and the operator confirmed that they were there.

About six blocks away the police found Jimmie Lee Emerson, who said he was shot in the arm "near the parkway." The police just followed the trail of blood Jimmie Lee left from the spot they found him, right to Harvey Keefe's bedroom door. They also found Harvey's VCR on that path.

"I was scared stiff," Harvey said and "I hated like heck to shoot anybody, but what are you gonna do when you're an old man?" The police report stated that Jimmie Lee Emerson admitted he had been in Keefe's house without permission. He also admitted that the blood in the house was his.

Jimmie Lee was not charged with Terrorism, but first-degree burglary. He is under arrest at North Memorial Hospital, where he is in stable condition. Harvey Keefe, who has a room full of skeet- shooting trophies said he doesn't regret firing the shot. "I'm glad I didn't kill the man, because I'd hate like hell to have that on my conscience, even if he is a bad guy. But I hope he gets enough prison time where I won't see him in my lifetime."

Who knows what would have happened to Harvey if he didn't have that .38 pistol for protection. Maybe our government would not look at this and other incidences like it as terrorists attacks, but Harvey Keefe's home was terrorized.

All facts and quotes from Article by Pam Louwagle, Minneapolis Star Tribune 8/22/02

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