Where Has American Leadership Gone?

by James Glaser
September 6, 2002

For decades America was considered the leader of the free world. We were respected and admired by most countries except for the communist block. Every movement that was fighting for freedom, looked toward the United States and our Constitution, as an example of what they wanted for their country.

Every oppressed person would hold up America as a model for how the principals of human rights should be made into law. We as a nation, stood for all that was good and right. We fought and yes many Americans died trying to bring freedom and democracy to poor people all over this globe.

What happened? Now if a Nation supports our country's War on Terrorism, they can do what ever they want to their own people. Any group that is fighting for freedom in their own country is now branded a terrorist group and we supply the weapons to put down their bid for freedom.

Right here in the United States, American citizens are locked up with no right to counsel nor even any charges lodged against them. In prison forever at the whim of the President. Tell me now, does that make George Bush a Dictator? I think it means he is walking down that path.

Just now we are finding out that we have secret courts and even these secret courts can't make the Justice Department follow the Rule of Law. American courts have condemned holding citizens, knowing that they have not been charged with a crime. Legal counsel is a right all Americans have had, before George Bush.

We have several hundred captured Taliban soldiers in prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Yes we have this base in a sovereign country that we won't give back. Kind of like the settlements that Israel has in Palestine. We took it in war and now say it is ours. Those Taliban have been told by our Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfled, that even if they are some day tried and found innocent, we will not let them go. Tell me if that is not the sickest form of torture you ever heard of. Even if innocent, life in prison. Sick, just plain sick.

I think I have answered my own question, America's leadership has gone the way of the despot, the cruel dictator that wants absolute power over life and death of every man and woman.

Other nations will follow America's lead now, out of fear, not admiration. George Bush's dictate "either you are with us or you are with the terrorists," has made America a terrorist state. The leadership in Washington has proven that they will subvert the very ideals that America was founded on, in order to retain and enhance the power they so very much desire.

If this subversion of American principals continues for a few years longer then look for terrorism to strike from every direction.

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