Swimming In The Ooze

by James Glaser
September 9, 2002

These last few weeks, trying to cover the Bush Administration push for a "first strike" war with Iraq has been like swimming in the ooze. The ooze is the slime that our government has been willing to pour on the American people in the form of disinformation and out right lies.

Well to be very truthful, reading everything that this White House has been putting out has taken a toll on me. I have a bad attitude, I have lost all respect for our executive branch, my thoughts on our Congress are about the same, but I have found a renewed respect for many of our former leaders from the first Bush administration and some of Clinton's top people.

This respect for former political and military leaders is not only because they tend to agree with they way I think about War, but they for the most part are open to different options. Those in Washington today are of the "our way or the highway" way of thinking and no matter how many facts are laid out to them they are not mature enough to even respect the thoughts of others.

Therefor, I am about to take a break from this slime swimming and each Friday I will write on something that I really love, America. Small town, big town, gardening, hey get this, I am a Master Gardener and grew the best tasting tomatoes on my lake this year. After a few weeks of this I hope that I will get some feed back on this change, but give it a chance.

Well back to those slime growers in Washington. NBC News September 7 2002 - "Seeking to build a case Saturday that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction, President Bush cited a satellite photograph and a report by the U.N. Atomic energy agency as evidence of Iraq's impending rearmament."

That all sounded like pretty convincing, but hey it was a LIE!! The same report went on to say "But in response to a report by NBC News, a senior administration official acknowledged Saturday night that the U.N. Report drew no such conclusion, and a spokesman for the U.N. Agency said the photograph had been misinterpreted."

Well the damage was done and most Americans only heard George Bush's talk which was a big lie (don't confuse with the BIG LIE that is coming), this is just one in a series of little lies put out by the administration.

Sunday morning, there was that draft dodging scum ( I told you it was getting to me) Dick Cheney on TV just wanting to get lots of American young men and women killed in a war with Iraq. Dick was too busy to go to war when he was of that age, but he has no qualms about sending our kids there. Dick kept saying how Saddam had attacked two of his neighbors, but Dick forgot to tell us that one of those attacks, the one on Iran was financed by the United States and that we supplied all the weapons.

Dick then goes on with that "he gassed his own people" Did he? Pentagon reports of the day, state that it was the Iranians who did it. That is what happens when there is too much lying, after a while you don't know who to believe. Before the Internet that worked just fine, now any one can check the facts and see just what is what. Also it was the United States that supplied all the materials for chemical and biological weapons for Saddam, most likely the recipe too.

Just today there was a report that US intelligence agencies have stopped several equipment shipments that could have helped in Saddam's quest for a nuclear bomb. Get this, they refused to say who was trying to ship the materials or when this happened, but what most Americans will retain is that they stopped shipments and that proves Saddam is building weapons. Now just why were those companies not charged with a crime if this really happened? Just maybe it was Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, after all they did over twenty five million dollars of business with Saddam just in the last few years. Remember people are not so bad if they are making you money.

You have to know that much of this world thinks of the United States as a Terrorist State. Just think of the last few years. We have attacked the Balkans, Afghanistan, Panama, Somalia, Sudan, and right now we are spraying millions of gallons of chemicals on the poor farmers of Colombia, because we can't control our own borders nor our appetite for cocaine.

The last war with Iraq caused about two hundred thousand Iraqis to die and another million have died of war related causes since. Dick and George are pushing for another war. Both men will claim that they are true Christians, but they are willing to kill hundreds of thousands of people to get their way. Just think about that and remember neither of these two guys have ever really seen a war nor the effects of one.

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