September 11th

by James Glaser

Every year on September 11th, for the rest of my life I will be reminded about that terrorist attack on America. Every family that lost a loved one will remember the horror that they felt when they were told that their hope of a miracle was over. Parents, wives, husbands, children, sisters and brothers and friends, the number of people devastated by this tragedy climbs to the hundreds of thousands. A tragic day for all Americans.

There are other equally tragic days for other people. The people of Afghanistan who have lost thousands of their innocent loved ones in American attacks, feel the same loss and horror when told that their lives have been torn apart by someone's death. Terrorism and war have the same end, horror and tragedy for those that survive.

Now America is about to start another war that will bring tragic horror to another group of people, this time in Iraq. Nothing to do with terrorism. Just like Afghanistan, Iraq did not contribute one terrorist to the attack of September 11th.

War begets War, Terrorism begets Terrorism. Someday America will learn that our world is getting smaller and the oceans are no longer a battlement that provides safety.

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