Saddam Hussein Could Have Been A Great American Patriot

by James Glaser
September 23, 2002

I know, I know, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said Saddam did all of these heinous crimes, like video taping the rape and murder of people, but I don't know if that is true. Seems strange that they have held that story about him for twelve years and only bring it out now.

I know, I know, Saddam tried to kill Daddy Bush in '93. It is not like America hasn't tried and succeeded in killing other heads of states over the years. How many times have we tried to off Fidel?

Before we go any further let me make my disclaimer. I love this country, the United States, have fought for it, and that is way more than most of the Bush Administration and the President can say. They are pushing to get us in another war, but not one of those in that Administration will do any of the fighting and you can be sure none of their kids will either.

Back to Saddam. If the world was different and we were not the super power and some other state had a "no fly zone" north of Chicago and south of Memphis, I would hope we would be taking shots at those planes enforcing that zone. That is what Saddam is doing to us with no success, but he is doing what every red blooded American with a rifle would be doing.

George writes, "WHEREAS the current Iraqi regime has demonstrated its continuing hostility toward and willingness to attack the United States, including by attempting in 1993 to assassinate former President Bush and by firing on many thousands of occasions on United States and coalition armed forces engaged in enforcing the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council".

Well wake up George Bush. Saddam is doing exactly what I would want any President of the United States to do if we were in the same fix as Iraq. Your dad screwed up big time back in the first Gulf War and his lack of balls has put us in this current fix.

We killed about 150,000 Iraqis in that war and we have admitted to causing the deaths of over 500,000 Iraqi children with our sanctions on medical supplies and the equipment to give Iraq safe drinking water. Now President Bush is upset with Saddam. Would you get real George. This is a surprise to you?

Sure we might just have to take Iraq out, because with that much blood on our hands those people are never going to be what I would call friendly.

I don't know if this is a flaw on my part, but doesn't it embarrass anyone else? We the worlds Super Power, the most powerful country ever in history, take on countries like Afghanistan, Panama, Somalia, with help Yugoslavia, and with about fifteen other countries, Iraq.

Does anyone else feel like we are the eighth grader coming out on the playground to beat up some second graders? I just don't understand why President Bush hasn't said "OK Saddam, the game is over, lets sit down and talk this out. You know we can waste you right now, but we would rather do this in a peaceful way. If not you are toast. What do you say?"

I think Saddam would jump at the chance to go back to how it was when we were backing him in his war with Iran. Saddam was our "boy' at one time, gas attacks and all. Daddy Bush screwed it up when he didn't tell Saddam he couldn't go after Kuwait. He asked and we dropped the ball and then daddy Bush went nuts and started a war with our 'friend" Saddam. We paid Saddam and he did what we wanted. George Bush senior and now George Bush junior both want to go down in history as great military victors, but that doesn't work when the country you attack is nothing to start with. I am sorry to tell the administration that Iraq is a third world, third rate country and really not a trophy like they want it to be.

Saddam Hussein is doing everything I would want our President to do if we were under the thumb of some super power. Maybe he did all of those evil things this Administration claims, but it is so strange that they can find out all this stuff about Iraq and nothing about Osama or Mulla Omar.

This administration keeps telling us about all the things they have learned from defectors. Well duh, If a guy defects and wants the United States help or as some guys have done, write a book, you come up with whatever you think the USA wants to hear. The more stuff you can tell them the more they will help you with like, MONEY.

If you are from Iraq and come over here and tell Uncle Sam that you have a group that wants to topple Saddam you can literally get millions of dollars, be on "News Hour" on "PBS", and get a chance to be president of Iraq someday just like Harmid Karzi in Afghanistan.

No matter what weird story you come up with about Saddam, George Bush will buy it----with money. Just maybe you will get to tell your story to Congress too.

We as a Nation have a choice to make. We can attack whoever we want there is no debate about that. We can kill tens or hundreds of thousand women, children, infants, the aged, whoever we want, America has that power and we have done that before.

The choice we have to make as a nation is, do we want to go on being the "bully" that the rest of the world thinks we are. Do we want to be a Christian Nation in name as well as in deed or do we want to take on the job of being Judge, Jury, and Excutioner like George Bush is advocating for?

We are that super power, but remember that no one stays on top for ever. Hitler was looking for a thousand years on top. As so many writers have pointed out, George Bush parallels Adolph Hitler in so many ways and in so many of his ideas for our country that he might be looking for a thousand years too. Adolph didn't make it and we have to look at September 11th as a warning that even a cornered dog will rise up against his master. This terrorism will not end until those people in the rest of the world stop believing that America is a terrorist state. Attacking another in our series of attacks on third world countries only strengthens that belief.

Saddam Hussein is a third world despot that we backed for over a decade. There are many of his ilk that America pays and keeps in power to do our bidding. To tell the world that now we are trying to liberate those people in Iraq who we kept under Saddam's control for so long is a sad joke the rest of the world sees through. Saddam is thumbing his nose at America and that makes him many admirers in his neck of the woods.

Saddam's actions are almost akin to our founding fathers way of dealing with England. Saddam has thrown off the yoke of American Imperialism. We can no longer buy his support nor can we make him attack a country that ran afoul of us like Iran. So if Saddam won't play ball like our other despots and dictators, we will take him out and put some one in that will play with us.

The world knows what we are doing and it will catch up with us.

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